Counting down to the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games starts in 3 days! So make sure you've got your cheering hats on! 2 of USANA's Sponsored Athletes will be competing this year. Decathlete, Brent Newdick for New Zealand and Pole Vaulter, Steve Hooker from Australia! (just a little bit of rivalry for the most Gold medals!) If you're in New Zealand, curl up on the couch and switch to Prime at 1.30am and watch the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games! It's going to be spectacular being able to watching not only our countries elite athletes but USANA's Sponsored Athletes competing for Gold!

And Aussies, we haven't forgotten you, no matter what you do on a Sunday night, make sure you're ready, in front of the TV by midnight watching TEN for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony and try to spot our champion Pole Vaulter, Steve Hooker!

We'll keep you posted on how they go throughout the Games! Go Brent and Steve!

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