USANA's own Brent at the Commonwealth Games

Here’s some trivia for everybody, ‘deka’ is the Greek word for 10 and ‘athlos’ is the Greek word for contest. Put those words together in the English language and you get Decathlon. A contest, or event consisting of 10 track and field events!

It’s enough to make you swoon! But USANA Sponsored Athlete, Brent Newdick is a Decathlete and he’s a
good one at that! Born and raised in New Zealand, Brent was ranked Number 1 at the Australian Open Track & Field Championships in 2009.

We can’t say “WOW” en
ough when it comes to Brent! He is training extensively for this year’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi and is New Zealand’s medal hope for the 2012 London Olympics. Amongst his latest achievements, Brent came 6th out of 35 competitors and placed 2nd in hurdles with a time of 14.88 at the Desenzano del Garda decathlon (beautiful place in Italy).

Another USANA Sponsored Athlete to look out for at the Commonwealth Games, we’re currently tracking Brent’s progress as he prepares for the Games and will cheer for him from New Zealand loud enough for it to be heard in Delhi – GO BRENT!

Brent currently takes HealthPak, CoQuinone 100, BiOmega III, Chocolate Fusion Nutrition Bars and Rev 3 Energy Surge.

Luv’ ya style Brent!

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