USANA Athlete jumping to new heights…

Great smile, great form, great guy, and he keeps jumping to new heights. USANA Sponsored Athlete, Steve Hooker is a 28 year old pole vaulting world champion and he’s just done it again. Expect to see this man in the stars because his latest world-leading pole vault height of 5.95m for the IAAF Continental Cup in Croatia is sending him soaring into the skies!

Steve’s your typical Aussie, chilled and cool, cooks a mean risotto and he has his ups and downs like anyone. Just recently he faced some difficult challenges at competitions but the Gold at the IAAF Championships in Split, Croatia really restored his confidence, and just in time for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in October! Steve is an elite athlete in the world of pole vaulting, a Gold medal winner, Olympic record breaker and 14th in the world to clear 6 metres! He is also the Australian ‘Flame’ track & field team captain.

Steve is NUMBER ONE! He is the first Australian man to ever hold both the Olympic and world titles concurrently; first Australian field athlete to win Olympic gold in 60 years, the first Australian male track or field gold medalist since 1968 and the first Australian athletics Olympic champion since Cathy Freeman in 2000. WOW!

And guess what? USANA is sup
porting him every step of the way! 6 years ago, an Associate introduced him to USANA products and he hasn’t looked back since! USANA is part of his daily routine and he feels the difference that USANA products make to his training and fitness regimen.

He takes USANA Essentials, Garlic EC, BiOm
ega III, Procosamine II, CoQuinone 100 and Nutrimeal.

“I can’t go without the Essentials. I love Garlic EC to assist with recovery. And CoQuinone 100 supports my cardiovascular health. I’m just glad to know I’m looking after my future health.”

Steve is another one of our amazing athletes who is going to soar. Watch out for him at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi! We are proud of you Steve!

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