USANA, Staying On The Cutting Edge

USANA Health Sciences, as you can read from its name, is a science-based company. This means staying on the Cutting Edge of nutritional science is always a priority to us. And USANA achieves this by teaming up with top universities and research centres to continuously develop or improve our products offering more effective formulations with higher potency and bioavailability. The new and upgraded Procosamine® with Meriva Curcumin is a perfect example. The ingredient Meriva Curcumin can be absorbed 29 times better into our system than standard forms of curcumin and this means you take one less tablet a day, lesser pill fatigue!

As research progressively continues, USANA will have more upgraded products like Procosamine. And we promise that there will be a lot of excitement you can expect. Why? Because USANA never stops moving forward with research and development. The three most recent projects underway at USANA are:

Project #1: Examining the role of supplementation in counteracting the negative health effects of exposure to polluted air, a study with the new partner, Utah State University.

The study will focus on whether a variety of antioxidants found in nutritional supplements can mitigate the inflammatory response in the air passages of those exposed to high levels of PM2.5, small particle pollution. More information of this research is covered in the USANA blog: What’s Up, USANA?.

USANA’s Executive Director of Research and Development, Dr. John Cuomo believes that the results of these studies will help USANA deal with real-world health issues and provide USANA customers with valuable information on enable them take charge of their own health.

Project #2: One of the most fruitful relationships of USANA is with the Linus Pauling Institutes (LPI) at Oregon State University.

LPI has a stated mission of helping people live healthy and productive lives through their research on vitamins, essential minerals, phytochemicals and more – a mission very similar to USANA’s. The namesake, Dr. Linus Pauling – the only man to win two unshared Novel Prizes – co-founded LPI in 1973. In 2007, USANA and LPI announced a 10-year partnership. There are already several studies underway, including everything from the interaction between vitamin C and lipoic acid to an assessment of the micronutrient status of school children. This research helps understand more about how specific nutrients and phytochemicals can lead to optimal health. It also helps USANA find new, effective phytonutrients to add to our formulations.

Project #3: Vitamin D and supplementation in patients with osteoarthritis symptoms, partnered with The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) in Murray, Utah.

TOSH is an international leader in orthopaedics, sports medicine and science. It is also one of only a few facilities worldwide that provide surgical, physical rehabilitation and medicine, and sports and nutritional science under one roof. Since the official partnership started in 2009, USANA has supported a series of studies at TOSH, with even more in the works. USANA products are involved in four human clinical studies dealing with the relationship between the products and joint health, strength recovery and performance in athletes. USANA also provides intellectual contributions to study design, analysis, writing and presentation. And TOSH is well equipped to conduct human clinical studies which can help USANA provide tried-and-tested products.

The list of research partnerships goes on. And all the studies, innovations and advancement that are in progress delivers the one unified message, that USANA supplements are “Nutritionals You Can Trust”.

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