Are you defined by Age or Activity?

When you look at your daily life, do you see yourself couched up in front of the tele or brooding over aches and pains, or do you see yourself being up and about enjoying life to the fullest? When you imagine your future, what do you dream of doing? Running down a sandy beach? Cycling down that challenging path? Hiking through the outback? Globe-trotting? Golfing at world-class resorts? Swimming in that pristine pool? Playing with your kids or grand-kids? The options are limitless. Whatever you dream of, chances are hobbling around in pain is not part of the scene.

The unfortunate fact is millions of people’s futures look a little bleaker because they are hindered from being themselves and doing the things they love due to joint pain. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep your joints healthy, to put back activity in your lifestyle. In addition to being smart about exercise, wearing the right shoes, and maintaining a healthy weight, taking USANA’s newly upgraded Procosamine every day gives you a little extra insurance that your future won’t see you sitting on the sidelines.

Here’s what the new and improved Procosamine can do for you:

So don’t let age or inactivity tell a tale on you. Give your joints a boost with USANA’s New & Improved Procosamine!

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