Congratulations to the USANA Staff on Conquering the “Devils”

Big congratulations to the USANA staff who just completed the challenging experiment – To avoid the affectionately named 5 “White Devils” for a week! Some people have loved the changes of their bodies so much that they have decided to continue albeit at a less stringent pace. Others are over the moon that it’s finished!

Let’s summarize some of the lessons we’ve learned on this fantastic experiment:

Patience, persistence and commitment
Reading the labels in the supermarket is time-consuming. Patience is one of the vital elements for attaining the “devil free” lifestyle. You have to be organised and carry your own food when you are out and about.

There were ups and downs during the journey. After the first couple of days where most of us felt pretty average we generally started to feel completely energised. However, it took persistence to keep doing what needed to be done and therefore to get the results. But, it was so worth it.

Commitment ignites action. To commit is to be persistent with a purpose. There are two phases of commitment. The first is having a sound set of beliefs, e.g. the belief that a healthy lifestyle is going to help with the rest of your life and your family. The second is faithful adherence to those beliefs with your behaviour, e.g. to foster the healthy lifestyle by quitting the “white devils”.

Does it sound so much like building up your USANA business? Exactly, these three elements are also the fundamental conditions of a successful USANA business.

Cook your own food
We learned that to avoid the white devils, everything needs to be homemade, even salad dressings! Otherwise it’s just too easy to break the “rules”. Here is an example: Brenda had a great week by eating homemade foods during the experiment, but found that as soon as she ate out, she was no longer able to avoid the white devils, “The hardest thing to avoid is the salt” she says. White salt seems to be in everything!

Collect some “devil free” recipes
Some people tried living on coffee and fruit all week rather than have to deal with finding or cooking “devils-free” food! But, they learned that eventually their bodies ran out of energy. We also learned we had to be well organised, we had to prepare basic foods like stock, dressings and sauces, we needed the internet for recipes and best of all, we had the joy of learning from each other. We did this experiment as a team and we were able to support each other in so many different ways; sharing recipes, sourcing products at the health food stores, sharing our stories. It really brought us together and made it all easier.

We have a good recipe for you to try:

Tasty and Healthy Homemade Salad Dressing


Combine the above ingredients and serve over salad

Serving Size:
2 tablespoons per serve

And Brenda’s tip is to add sea salt or tamari and a bit of honey to make the recipe even nicer!

The Need for Vitamin Supplements
“Ultimately we learned that it’s impossible to live in our modern world and avoid all of the “white devils” all of the time. You just can’t do it. You could never eat out, you could never buy that wonderful treat occasionally. So, it reinforced to all of us the need for daily supplementation. “If I’m getting my calories from sugar and white flour, ingredients that contain very little nutrition, then I have to get them from somewhere else. I could eat more or I could take a supplement. In the end most of us decided to eat less of the white devils, more of the homemade nutritious foods and take our daily supplements!” says Brenda.

Some of the USANA staff used the following supplements during the week:
Hope these tips are helpful to you too on your journey to better health.

It’s never too late to do it if you are interested in this experiment, but it would be much easier for you to commit if there are some friends around to do it with you. All you need to do is to set up a start date and follow the instructions mentioned in our first blog. You can always drop an email to Brenda Rogers on if you have any questions.