USANA Staff Is Ready to Battle with “5 White Devils”, and You?

Even for the health conscious, eating natural foods can be a challenge. It’s easy to become ambivalent and unaware of how easy it is to consume at least one or two varieties of the “5 White Devils” in every meal – white sugar, white flour, white salt, “white” oil (oil with the nutrients stripped out) and white rice. These ingredients have been through the industrial refining process, broken down from its natural colour and bleached, and thus they are considered “nutritional silent poisons” by some nutritionists and doctors. They are the first hurdle in your weight-loss program, or in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

In order to raise awareness of the white devils and additionally, to show the importance of nutritional supplements to our health, Brenda Rogers, Network Development Manager for USANA Australia and New Zealand, has initiated an interesting but challenging food experiment for USANA Australia and New Zealand staff – To avoid the white devils for an entire week. Some of our USANA staff has already put their hands up for this challenge!

We would like to invite you to join us, make this an unforgettable experience as part of your New Year Health Resolution.

So what will you need to do each day during this week?
We suggest the tips below for completing this experiment successfully:

We will keep you posted on the progress of this experiment in our coming blogs. You are more than welcome to share your experience with us as well!

About Brenda Rogers ND, MBA, PCC – She is USANA’s Network Development Manager and is a qualified naturopath trainer and coach. She is also one of the contributors for the USANA Health Essentials mini magazine. The testimonials she will collect from the experiment are going to be included in the upcoming Health Essentials issue.