RESET for Summer!

Summer is JUST AROUND THE CORNER! (or at least that's what we're telling ourselves). We're feeling a little lethargic from a cool winter but we're starting to break out of the winter cocoon. Now is the perfect time to RESET!

One of our own have just started RESET and from what he's been telling us, he's feel great! You met Michael the other day - he's our new Network Development Manager for South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania and he's been doing RESET for 2 weeks!

A past gridiron football player, personal trainer and avid camper - Michael is making a great change, he wants to get fit and get healthy!

Combining RESET with a healthy diet (Low GI foods) and Exercise (Michael LOVES cycling) - Michael is definitely RESET-ing his lifestyle and getting ready for summer!

We're barracking for Michael AND keeping track of his progress right here on USANA, word!, Facebook and Twitter

You can even WATCH his progress on our USANA Youtube channel!

So stay up to date and SUPPORT MIKE! (If you see him around let him know because he's looking pretty good!)