Tuesday, November 17, 2015

USANA Indonesia is officially open for business!

On the 16th November, USANA Indonesia is officially open for business, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome this beautiful country to the USANA family. 

This tropical oasis is our 20th market, and we have high hopes for it. Want to start doing business in the land of a thousand kings? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

•             Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country, and has one of the top five fastest growing economies in the world. 

 •             According to the Boston Consulting Group, the middle class and affluent consumers of Indonesia are expected to nearly double between now and 2020, jumping from 74 million people to 141 million.
•             The direct selling and network marketing industries have held a very positive profile across the country for many decades now—in fact, it’s a $1.2 billion direct selling market. We’ve received more interest in the Indonesian market than any other country opened before—more than 500 Associates have already registered their interest in Indonesia with our international market expansion department. 

•             You’ll find our USANA Indonesia office located in the beautiful capital city of Jakarta. The new office features a will-call, meeting area, and plenty of rooms for Associates to gather in.


“We’re delighted to be so warmly welcomed by the people of this beautiful, thriving country and are excited to have our doors open,” said Dennis Cheok, general manager of USANA Indonesia. “We have high hopes that this new market will not only have a positive economic impact, but also a significant influence to the health of its residents."
Grand-opening activities:
  • Ribbion-cutting ceremony
  • Potong tumpeng(cutting of cone-shaped yellow rice, an Indonesian tradition)
  • Muslim blessing
  • Office tour for guests
  • Press interviews 
  • Trainings 

Ribbon-cutting ceremony

Jakarta's Assistant Deputy Governor, H. Marullah Matali, welcoming the USANA family to Indonesia

USANA Indonesia team
USANA is thrilled to bring its health products and business opportunity to the land of a thousand kings.  Now let's get to work by spreading the vision of Dr Wentz in our newest market! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

USANA Nutrimeal™ Free – a product for everyone!

Do you suffer from food intolerances or don’t like to consume foods with dairy, soy or gluten? Then USANA’s Nutrimeal™ Free is the answer!

This nutritious, plant-based meal replacement shake is formulated with a complete GMO-free (genetically modified organism free) and a unique pea and potato vegetable protein blend, 15g per serve, which is easily digestible.

The low GI shake also has plenty of fibre, 7.9g per serve, for energy and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Best of all, Nutrimeal™ Free has no added gluten, dairy protein, egg or soy, and it is vegetarian friendly.

So if you’re looking for a weight management shake that’s clean, pure and of course nutritious then why not give Nutrimeal™ Free a try! Order yours here.



We want to know what your favourite Nutrimeal™ Free recipes are! Visit our Facebook page and upload your recipe (max of 4 ingredients) and photo with #nutrimealfreeshakeup by November 30, 2015 for the chance to have your recipe featured at USANA Celebration 2016. Good luck!
Note: If posting on your own page please make sure the post is public.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

USANA's top six ways to reduce injury when exercising

When you’re exercising there are a number of different ways to reduce injury to make sure your exercise is as effective as it can be. The following tips can be used by you to truly achieve your full potential when exercising. There are six key steps to follow to make sure you don’t injure yourself when exercising. These steps are:

Warming up

When exercising it is important to never go straight into an exercise, especially an intense one. Do some light movements and flexes to make sure your body is warmed up and ready to move before beginning.

Correct technique

Correct technique is key when exercising. Not only does it hinder injury but also provides you with the best workout. Make sure to follow the exercise as it has been taught and make sure you know the whole exercise, don’t try and make up parts if you don’t know them.


Stretching is an integral part of making sure you don’t injure yourself. Before doing any form of exercise, you should always limber up and stretch the muscles you’re about to use to make sure you don’t pull or strain any of them. Always stretch after warming up so you’re in peak condition to start your exercise.

Balanced training schedule

When you train, make sure you schedule it! Scheduling your exercise means you get a balanced workout every week, without doing too much or too little. Doing too much exercise can seriously impact your health and wellbeing, while too little won’t give you any real results. At least once or twice a week, but not every day is a rough schedule you can follow, but it’s important to do a balance of high and low intensity exercise each week.

Correct diet

One of the most important parts of exercise is actually to maintain a good diet. Make sure you receive the vital nutrients you need while keeping a steady flow of energy to make sure you can finish your exercise and keep developing your body.


Concentrating is key when exercising; make sure your focus is on what you’re doing. Staring at a screen or your phone can make you lose focus and you might forget or miss something in front of you, which can lead to serious injury in some cases. Also focus on the exercise at hand and you’ll be injury free!

NOTE: Thanks to USANA work experience students Matt and Jack for researching and writing this blog.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

USANA Australia chats with beach volleyballer Zina Stone

Recently we caught up with Team USANA Athlete and Australian beach volleyballer Zina Stone, where we talked about her goals, motivation and how she has overcome an almost career-stopping injury to get back on the sand!

Zina has been playing beach volleyball for the past nine years. Throughout these years, she has had some serious injuries and also some small injuries most elite athletes experience during their careers.

After returning from a knee reconstruction in 2011/2012 Zina was determined not only to qualify for a spot in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games but also to bring home the gold for her country, but said "it hasn't been an easy ride, especially as a self funded athlete".

Zina was training around 25 hours per week, working 30 hours per week, plus constantly seeking sponsorship and managing travel and competitions.

"To find time to have the much needed recovery between training's was almost impossible. This is ultimately what lead to my injuries in late 2014. I didn't have the luxuries that full time funded athletes had," she said.

After competing on one of many six week tours on the FIVB World Tour Zina was told the bad news, that she had a labral tear in both her shoulder and hip along with ongoing patella and hamstring tendonitis.

"It was in that moment along with some other components I had to make the decision to step back from international competition to try and rehabilitate my injuries, knowing that this would mean giving up my opportunity to make it to Rio. This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life," she said.

So what motivated Zina to keep going?

"It didn't take long for me to miss the game, I set myself some new goals and I knew I had to take small steps or I would again push myself to the limit and cause yet again another injury. My motivation to get better was for the love of the game itself."

She said USANA also played a large part in her recovery and that "having the support from USANA during this extremely tough time has assisted hugely in keeping my health in check so I could focus on my rehab and get back on the sand as soon as possible".

"USANA has kept their belief and support in me as an athlete and that belief has provided me with that extra motivation to get back competing again."

Zina takes a variety of USANA products to be at her best including Essentials, Proflavanol C100, Active Calcium Plus, BiOmega, Procosamine, Proglucamune.

"Plus I enjoy the Nutrimeal shakes pre and post trainings and sometimes for breakfast...strawberry is my favourite flavour," she added.

So now that's she's back on the sand what is next for Zina?

"I am excited that I am now going to be able to compete again, I still need to modify my training load but I can't wait for my first competition for the summer. On November 1, I will be playing in the South Australian Beach Volleyball Summer Series," she said.

"I am also running a volleyball program called AZ Training with my partner Adam Maskell who is a former Australian Indoor and Beach Volleyball athlete, he has been coaching volleyball at an elite level all around the world for many years. Together we have developed AZ Training to bring an elite style of training to all levels of volleyball ability. I am able to schedule my own training in with some of the AZ Training Women's squad members which is such great fun," she said.

"My goal is to be able to play competitive volleyball for as many years as possible, while keeping on top of any injuries that may develop. While doing this I want to bring with me as many like minded people on not only my journey but help create a volleyball journey of their own. I want to promote a healthy work/life balance and I believe I can help many people achieve this through AZ Training."

From the team at USANA Australia we wish Zina all the best with her upcoming competition and goals!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to get the most out of your USANA supplements

When it comes to supplements we often wonder when the best time to take them is and can timing make them more effective? So should you take them at breakfast, lunch, dinner or just whenever you remember to during the day?

First of all taking them is always better than not taking them but the general recommendation is to take supplements with food, and spread evenly throughout the day with meals. However different vitamins are suited to different times, some are better first thing or later during the day, and personal preference with what works for you and your lifestyle also plays a role like after a workout or before bed.

For multivitamins, such as USANA’s Essentials, it’s best to take them just after a meal as most vitamins and minerals shouldn’t be taken on an empty stomach due to poor absorption and accompanying nausea.

It’s important to take your supplements in the morning because it gives them the best chance to be absorbed into your system and kick starts the day with a good nutritional foundation.

After your breakfast dose it's recommended to take Essentials with other meals throughout the day and preferably spread the dosage evenly throughout the day for optimal results.
Another point to remember is to try and take your supplements at the same or similar time each day as this will help the absorption of vitamins into your system.

For more information about USANA visit: www.usana.com please log in to enjoy the Preferred Price.

WARNING: Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Monday, September 28, 2015

How USANA Essentials work?

USANA Essentials™ Mega Antioxidant & MultiMineral, a vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplement contains a full array of vital nutrients to help you fill nutritional gaps for optimal health and wellbeing. For years, USANA Essentials has been rated the best multivitamin supplement in Australia and New Zealand.1

They are designed to work together to build a strong foundation of exceptional nutrition.

So how do they work?

The Mega Antioxidant is a comprehensive, high-potency formula that includes a broad spectrum of essential vitamins which offers complete antioxidant protection against oxidative stress.

Mega Antioxidant formula contains critical ingredients including lycopene, turmeric extract, coenzyme Q10, and alpha lipoic acid. When combined with the potent antioxidant mixture already present in Mega Antioxidant the result is complete antioxidant protection.

In addition to comprehensive antioxidant protection, Mega Antioxidant offers nutritional support for healthy circulation and blood vessels, healthy vision and a sound immune system, and protection against environmental toxins which are important for long-term optimal health

The MultiMineral delivers a comprehensive, high-potency formula that includes a broad spectrum of essential minerals and cofactors that support optimal health and provides balanced amounts of important minerals to enhance the body’s efficient use of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

MultiMineral contains a balanced blend of minerals and trace minerals. Minerals and trace elements represent less than one-half of one percent of the total nutrients we consume every day, and yet without them, our bodies would be unable to efficiently use the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in our diet. Minerals play an essential role in the body. Many vitamins and enzymes need a mineral cofactor for proper function.

Not all mineral forms are created equal. USANA uses minerals in forms that are readily absorbed by the body. USANA has carefully formulated a balance of essential minerals—in bioavailable forms—and has added trace minerals for balance and completeness. USANA continually strives to use ingredients with proven quality, purity, and bioavailability. Minerals are sourced from the highest quality suppliers and only those that meet USANA’s strict guidelines.

Mega Antioxidant and MultiMineral is laboratory tested, quality guaranteed. They meet British Pharmacopoeia specifications for potency, uniformity, and disintegration where applicable. Both are also vegetarian safe.

For more information about USANA’s Essentials click here, please log in to enjoy the Preferred Price.