The race to USANA International Convention 2011!

From Guest Blogger, Gill Stapleton (General Manager of USANA Australia and New Zealand)

The race is on! USANA Australia and New Zealand are starting the International Convention tab better known as the itab! Who will have the most attendees at SLC Convention 2011? Will it be New Zealand? Australia? Who?

Watch out for the itab as it starts making an appearance on our Social Media websites!

Stay up to date on our Facebook ( our Twitter ( and right here on USANA,word!

Get in on the race and add to the numbers for International Convention 2011!

itab as of 16 September 2010

28 Australians | 15 New Zealanders

We can't wait to make some noise in Utah!

Sydney Associate, Caroline Southwell is booking her ticket to International Convention!

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