Gary Wilmot’s Big Heart

The latest USANA athlete to join our team, Gary Wilmot, possesses some great qualities and ideals we value here at USANA including determination, motivation, healthy living, team work and more!

We are proud to be part of his journey towards a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness for the Heart Foundation, and want to share his inspiring story with you all…

So who is Gary Wilmot?                                                   

In December 2011, Gary weighed 143kg and was a few years off being another heart attack statistic, so in 2012 he decided to lose the weight by endorsing a healthy lifestyle and running marathons.

Gary set himself ambitious marathons and although he never placed a qualifying rank he managed to finish every race! He completed dozens of events, including three full marathons and four ultra-marathons, and noticed a significant athletic personal development.

“Instead of being at the end of the ‘no more mr fat guy’ get-fit project, I actually discovered I was at a new start line, a new chapter of my life… because through running I gained a sense of calm, an inner confidence, a sense of well-being, energy, zest for life, a positive mindset, the ability to see things through to the end and discovered what genuine passion felt like,” he said.

Gary said after this realisation he started looking for a way to “demonstrate, without any doubt that you can make a decision, change your thinking, and literally change your life” and this search has bought him to today and where his future will take him.

Now much healthier and happier, in 2015, Gary will be taking on one of his biggest challenges yet.  Fundraising for the Heart Foundation, he will be walking from Perth, Western Australia to Brisbane, Queensland for Hearts Across Australia - a task that will take him over 5,400kms and many months to complete (May 16 – September 18).

Gary said completing this will be the hardest task he has ever asked of himself mentally and physically.

“I am under no illusions of the depth of challenge that awaits me across the Nullarbor and beyond but I will take it on to answer a higher calling of a purpose that far outweighs the every pain that I will encounter on this run,” he said.

For more information or to donate towards Gary’s cause please visit: and from everyone here at USANA we wish Gary and the team all the best and a very big good luck!

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