BiOmega Jr - Great for kids of all ages!

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Battling your kids to eat healthily and try new tastes is one thing. Clashing with them to take their supplements is quite another.

Now, your fish oil supplement is one battle you don’t have to get involved with…

USANA’s tasty BiOmega™ Jr. is made with a taste your children will be happy to accept. Packed with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA), BiOmega Jr. has a fresh natural orange flavour and doesn’t contain artificial colourings and flavourings. BiOmega Jr. is flavoured with the natural sweetener, Stevia – so it tastes good but won’t damage children’s delicate teeth. Offer one stick pack every other day to your kids – they’re bound to love it!
But BiOmega Jr. isn’t just for little kids…

If you gag at the thought of fish oil capsules, or if you just want to try a super-pleasant alternative, try BiOmega Jr.It contains 2000mg fish oil and 650mg omega-3 fatty acids (DHA 230 mg and 350mg EPA).

A good quality fish oil is a good way to ensure adequate omega-3s and is generally safe unless your child has a sensitivity to fish oils or has a bleeding disorder, or/is taking a blood-thinning medicine or unless advise not to take such a supplement by a medical professional.
Fish oil supplements vary a lot in their content and quality. BiOmega Jr. is a great choice because it has:

1. High levels of EPA and DHA – two of the most important constituents in omega-3 fats. Both are vital for a healthy body and a healthy brain.
2. It is a pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement
3. It is completely mercury free.

If your child is taking medication, speak to your child's doctor about this before you start. Fish oil should not be used instead of the usual medication without a doctor being involved.
Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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