BiOmega Jr. has all the omega-3s your littlies need!

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What do you need to eat to get the same amount of omega-3s that is in one stick of BiOmega™ Jr.?

In every stick pack of BiOmega Jr. you’ll find per 2.5g serving:

Source: Self Nutrition Data (
I think we all agree that giving your little one, one stick of BiOmega Jr. is a lot easier than trying to give them adequate omega-3s through food! And, the best thing is that BiOmega Jr. tastes great! It has a pleasant creamy orange flavour that kids just love.
Fish oil: safety
A good quality fish oil is a good way to ensure adequate omega-3s and is generally safe unless your child has a sensitivity to fish oils or has a bleeding disorder, or/is taking a blood-thinning medicine or unless advised not to take such a supplement by a medical professional.

Fish oil supplements vary a lot in their content and quality. BiOmega Jr. is a great choice because it has:

1. High levels of EPA and DHA – two of the most important constituents in omega-3 fats
2. It is a pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement
3. It is completely mercury free.

If your child is taking medication, speak to your child's doctor about this before you start. Fish oil should not be used instead of the usual medication without a doctor being involved.

                                      Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
                                      USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL.

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