Do you have skinny fat?

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Skinny fat is a term that describes a person who is in a healthy weight range but has more body fat than is healthy. Skinny fat is also termed Metabolically Obese Normal Weight (MONW). It relates to the way fat tissue is carried in the body. And, whether the body fat is visible or is invisible (i.e. located deep inside you coating vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas). Too much body fat (especially belly fat) causes metabolic changes such as inflammation. That’s because visceral fat, the fat stored deep inside you is metabolically active, triggering inflammation which stops blood from flowing freely.

Essentially skinny fat happens when you carry too much fat and not enough muscle.

Dangers of being skinny fat

A staggering one in four people with MONW have pre-diabetes according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association and you may be affected if:

·         You have a waist measurement of greater than 94cm for men or 80cm for women. Belly fat is an indicator of internal fat deposits, which can coat the internal organs, and increase the risk of chronic disease.

·         You have an abnormal blood cholesterol profile i.e. if you have high triglycerides, especially with a low HDL- or good cholesterol.

·         Your blood sugar is consistently higher than normal range and/or if you are diabetic and your blood glucose is not well controlled.

·         You have insulin resistance. This is when insulin is being produced but cannot take blood glucose into the cells in order to keep blood glucose levels to within the normal range. Too much circulating insulin prevents the breakdown of fat in body cells and encourages the production of more fat from the excess circulating glucose.

·         You have an abnormal liver function test. This can be an early indicator of excess fat in the liver. Your doctor will discuss this with you.
 What you can do?
HepaPlus contains choline a substance which helps to emulsify (break down) fats. This helps them to be removed from the liver. Food sources of choline include eggs, beef, salmon, wheat germ and broccoli. All of these ingredients not only help cleanse and remove fat in liver but they also help to regenerate cells. 

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