Living the life - USANA style!

Australia’s Network Development Manager,
Pamela Ferry

We so enjoyed our time relaxing over the Christmas break though by mid-January we were recharged and ready to start the USANA year with a big bang! And why not start the year of the Horse with a celebration?
We galloped into 2014 with huge events in Melbourne and Auckland showcasing a line-up of top level presenters, recognition, entertainment and loads of fun.

Loving living it!
The power of the people!
 The highlight as always is connecting with like-minded people from across the country, to fill up our tanks and get us inspired, pumped and ready to take immediate action to do what we do best: connect with others and change lives.

Our superstar speaker line up  


We flew in the best in the business to Celebrate with you! She’s mum to two boys, loves country music and is a fabulous singer. She’s also a top USANA Leader who’s one of the elite group that is Fortune 25. 5-STAR Diamond Director and Million Dollar club member and southern belle, Monica, won everybody’s heart with her infectiously warm personality.

On stage she shared her incredible USANA journey. Monica had many powerful messages including reiterating the importance of mastering the five simple steps to be successful in our business.
1. Approach
2. Invite
3. Present
4. Follow up
5. Close

Monica said: ‘Become an expert at these five things and you WILL achieve big results.’ She’s living proof that the system works. And, Monica’s insights certainly re-affirmed to me that we need to keep this business simple and focus on the action elements. I trust it did for you too!

Monica also talked about Leadership and Influence - to which we all know that every day in USANA is a journey of constantly striving towards being your best self and helping others. It’s about constantly learning and growing. Monica generously shared her spare time getting to know you and I know you’ll agree this Texan gal must come back and visit us again soon!


The Filipino Dynamo     
Looking forward to a healthy future!

He’s a young man so full of energy and drive that after four years in USANA he is already at the level of Diamond Director. Rich came over to show us how they grow successful businesses in the Philippines and Asian regions. His enthusiasm and knowledge kept him in back-to-back meetings with so many of our Associates and it was wonderful for Rich to experience some of our Australian and Kiwi culture during his visit. Rich showed that it doesn’t matter about the background or skill level you start with – with USANA you have the opportunity to create a lifestyle you maybe only once dreamed of. Are you constantly innovative in your business?

Innovative orator!

 Social Researcher

Social commentator and trends expert Michael McQueen is fast becoming one our top keynote speakers. He had the audience fixated with the messages from his latest book: Winning the Battle for Relevance. How to stay ahead of the curve and navigate change. Michael’s topics resonated strongly with our audience. After all, if you plan to be #1 in Australia and New Zealand, you need to constantly improve and be one step ahead of the competition.

Beautiful health!

Beautifully scientific

 ‘Hello delicious people!’…what a lovely way to open up a presentation! Our favourite USANA global health educator Dr Libby Weaver shared her personal favourite USANA products to promote beauty from the inside out. Many of us are devouring her growing cache of health and lifestyle books and madly cooking up amazing healthy meals from her two cookbooks. Dr Libby’s mission is to: ‘Educate and inspire people, improving their health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.’

We are so fortunate to have easy access to such high level experts in the areas of healthful lifestyle and business topics at our fingertips through the vehicle of USANA. What’s an event without some fun times? Dancing and Laughing USANAstyle!

There were so many special moments at Celebration. For me a highlight was seeing everybody dancing at their seats in our entertainment segments – so many happy faces living life to the fullest. The USANA family really knows how to party… From international dance groups to hip hop and Zumba we kept the room pumped with energy thanks to our talented Associates. Thank you to Joel Gallarde and Brad Duryea!


Breathtaking energy!

Time for the THF

  It was also great to raise funds for the True Health Foundation via a range of fun games. Almost $8,000 was donated and it will help our people who struggle with basic life needs of food and shelter to improve their quality of life. Personally. I love knowing that every cent is going directly to people in need. Giving back always feels good. Here we go for 2014 – lets work together! So we are already into the second month of the year and for myself I realised with all the preparation for Celebration that I had not completed my 2014 goals. They are now listed and I’m 100 per cent committed to achieving even bigger results personally and professionally this year. What about you? Have you set your goals? Do you know what you want for 2014? How will you make it happen? Who are you accountable to? Share your plans with me! It’s already shaping up to be our biggest year to date and our team here at USANA Corporate look forward to partnering with you to get big results and see you succeed. Make it your best year!

The Chinese zodiac sees us in the Year of the Horse so get trotting now, talk to people and never quit! See you soon!

In Health and Happiness, Pamela Ferry


Here’s what you had to say about Celebration...

Virginia Li, GOLD Director from Sydney, New South Wales: “It was definitely an eye opener! What I saw was a whole emergence of new young people which will definitely become very successful diamond leaders in the making!”

Brad Dureya, SILVER Director from Perth, Western Australia; “The opportunity to be on stage and perform was an incredible experience for me! Not only that, I was able to network with superstars and meet other Australian’s in the USANA business. The event had such a great energy and was fun!”

Fiona Jamieson-Folland 2-Star DIAMOND Director: 'Loving the start to 2014, with Celebration here in New Zealand! It's a massive reinforcement of all the growth and continued expansion that's happening everywhere, especially on our back doorsteps. And, it really lights us up to see such huge support and contribution for the THF.

The feeling that we're experienceing in our team and beyond since this event is that we're in the right place, with the right company, at the right time!'

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