Fighting Fatigue?

Josephine Daly
 Snr. Product Manager

Do you have an energy crisis?  Now, we are not talking about power, but our personal energy. We all prefer to stay alert all day, rest well at night, and have enough energy to do our daily chores and also to enjoy some leisure time! But this may be a big challenge for many of us.  More than 65 per cent of our population who constitute the working-age segment could be faced with very busy and stressful lifestyles.  And since most of us are not receiving enough sleep and have poor eating habits, it is no surprise that so many of us feel drained.

Be at your best with proper rest!

We are all aware that fatigue takes its toll on us both physically and emotionally.  It can have disastrous effects on our immune system, causing us to fall ill and can even lead to other long-term or chronic conditions. But we have the power to choose what is right for us!

Nutrition plays a crucial role in fighting fatigue.  Like the saying goes “We are what we eat” and that is very true even when it comes to the nutritional content of the food we consume.  No time to plan nutritional content in our daily meals, breakfast skipping, consuming fast foods with low nutritional content, eating without moderation, are some of the culprits on one hand.  Our dietary habits also directly affect our energy levels, and boosting our nutritional intake can give us more energy throughout the day.

On the other hand regular exercise, stress relief activities, and getting at least eight hours of sleep are critical to fighting off fatigue.  It is the normal practice for many working folk and home makers to reach for a cuppa when fatigue hits.  But food science experts opine that stimulants such as caffeine exaggerate the effect of natural hormones, like adrenaline, and give you a stimulated feeling.  But the results usually last no more than two hours and frequent users often experience headaches without it. It can also interfere with your sleep and can leave you feeling dehydrated.  So for a temporary fix, natural alternatives are a better option.

Fight the fuzzies with regular exercise and stress relief activities!
In the long-term, we need more to help us fight off fatigue, and short-term fixes just don’t cut it!  And our nutrition is the place to start. 
Power on with USANA's EssentialsTM.

We are aware that we cannot obtain all the nutritional support we need from just our diet, so taking USANA’s EssentialsTM daily is a great place to start.  But for those who need that extra nutritional boost to give you the support that you need to power through your day, the Nutritionals Booster Pack, in addition to the Essentials, could be the answer!  Talk to a USANA Associate today to find out more.

If you are struggling with fatigue for an extended period of time, consult with your General Practitioner without further delay, and get back on the path to recovery.