The amazing Associates who have gone for Gold!

The beautiful QT Resort
Pamela Ferry
Network Development Manager
We've been out and about again - Associates and corporate staff were delighted to celebrate reaching Gold director status at special retreat at the aptly named Gold Coast. We stayed at the beautiful QT Resort at the world-renowned Surfers Paradise.

Having attended quite a few celebratory get-togethers, I felt that this one topped the lot! Bringing our newest Gold Directors from across Australia and New Zealand was very exciting and a real pleasure!

I’m not alone in saying that we were all a bit pampered. We were treated like – and felt a bit like – celebrities from start to finish and in-between, too! The feedback from our attendees was really positive – a truly a five star experience in  fact!

There were so many highlights  - here are just a few of them…

Climbing the Sky Tower

OK, we didn’t actually climb up the Sky tower but we did take a glass lift to the very top of the highest building in the southern hemisphere for dinner. Gathering  together an extra sprinkling of courage (heights aren’t my favourite thing in the world); I pushed the button on the lift upwards and never looked down! The delicious food was made extra special by the stunning views of the golden sunset.

Our Goldies on top of the world at Sky Tower!
Top training

Other standout features included some incredible training with some of the best in our very special business. For example, New Zealand’s 5-star Diamond Directors, the dynamic Bill and Jenny Huang (who were also recently awarded the President’s Prize!) shared some of their insightful and intuitive knowledge on how to build better business practices into daily life.

Training with our 5-star Diamond Directors, Bill and Jenny Huang

Über successful, globe-trotting now 2-star Diamond, Feng Ye shared his special success stories and answered questions in an interactive presentation. And, the incredible and hugely knowledgeable and enthusiastic couple, WA Diamonds Warren & Jo Naseby shared her wisdom gleaned from years of nurturing a successful USANA business.

Duday Gaston talks fashionable business

We also welcomed a special guest – General Manager Duday Gaston joined us from USANA Philippines. Currently the fastest growing market in the world and which hosted the biggest the biggest gathering (9,5000 delegates to be precise) in any USANA even,, Duday’s presentation focussed on a subject that those famous fashionistas, Trinny and Susannah would be proud of – how to dress to impress for business! Duday outlined some simple tips to look sharp, crisp and professional – something our Associates are known for!

Learning from some of the best in the business, trainings spanned subjects that were both practical and inspiring and were designed to launch business builders to the next stage of their career.

Free time and down time

Amongst the learning, we had some down time. As well as the famous beach and water fun features and Gold Coast theme parks, I’m not sure, but I thought I saw some of our Associates hot footing it towards the local fashion houses for some retail therapy!

Food, glorious food!

Sensational food was always on the menu with a food and buffet bazaar that had a range wide enough to tempt the fussiest and freshest of tastes even me!

Our Associates were officially recognised for their achievements at a secret rendezvous. And, we got there in style! The stretch hummers waiting for us were filled with fizz and bubby music to transport us to a magical mystery location – it was Movie World!

Our Associates enjoying  the magic of Movie World!

As well as their gifts, delegates were treated to a special personalised bottle of wine – each was labelled with their name as a unique reminder of their achievements.

Personalised bottles of wine for our Gold achievers!
Getting as comfy as we could in the spooky castle, our Gold Directors received their well-earned accolades in a setting that is sure to be memorable – always!

Keep your eyes on these Associates because this group of  professionals are heading skywards! It won’t be long before we’re celebrating their growth to Ruby – their desire to progress resounded strongly and positively amogst this elite group of people.

A special Gala Dinner for our new Gold Directors!

What our New Golds had to say…

‘This was so much fun! Being at the Gold Coast, meeting the new Gold Directors, being involved in so many good question and answer sessions was such an educational and inspiring experience!  I can foresee continued success with USANA in my life!’ - Dr Bernadette Dulawan, New South Wales

‘I've raised my standard of excellence through being involved at the Gold Retreat 2013! Once again, USANA has interpreted to us that we have the best nutritional supplement company and direct selling company anywhere. Now, we love the Company even more!’ -Austen Liu, Victoria
Moving on up!

Thanks for a great and golden get-together everyone. And if you want to meet us at the next Gold retreat, you know what to do!

In happiness and health,

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