It’s more fun in the Philippines!

By Pamela Ferry
Network Development Manager

Our USANA family is growing across the globe and recently, I had the pleasure of visiting one of our fastest growing markets. Their tourism tagline says – ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ – and that’s something I can personally vouch for!

The glorious white beaches and relaxing atmosphere!

From the moment I landed, our Philippines staff were simply amazing! I was in awe of the heart and hospitality that filled every room!  At a special welcome breakfast, I was able to meet our lively team and it was a perfect start to what promised to be a fantastic trip.

Cherry and Joyce from the Philippines office.

Later, at The Fairmont in Manilla, I had the opportunity to celebrate with some of our top growers and young achievers from quarter one.  Over a scrumptious lunch laid on for our guests, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with old friends as well as meeting a long list of successful go-getters – rising stars of the future!

Asia Pacific Growth lunch

Back at the Philippines office, things were as busy as ever!  Every day the place is bursting with eager Associates wanting to train and develop their business.  It was a delight to meet so many motivated individuals and top leaders who have fast-tracked their USANA business – I look forward to sharing some of their success tips with you!

Another highlight of my trip was attending USANA’s biggest event to date. With almost 9,500 people in attendance, the atmosphere was electric! A line-up of VIP guest presenters made this day truly special.

USANA’s Chief Marketing officer, Doug Braun was a big hit as he outlined our unique company and our vision for the future. So was our  Research and Development Executive, Dr John Cuomo. John spoke about the benefits of good quality sleep in an exceptionally informative talk. All in all, the response from the huge crowd and their positive participation (plenty of singing and dancing!) made me extremely proud to be a part of a company like USANA! What an unforgettable celebration it was – congratulations to our Filipino team and our wonderful leader Aurora (Duday) Gaston.

Aurora (Duday) Gaston, Doug Braun, me and Dr.John Cuomo

Later, I was lucky enough to take few days’ vacation and was shown around my lovely Network Development Director, Cherry Dionysio and Network Assistant Manager, Joyce Cortez. Both Cherry and Joyce were fabulous hosts over this visit. I was treated to stunning landscapes such as the Volcano in Taal and the beaches in Puerto Galera, where clear waters, palm trees and hammocks provided a perfect space to relax, recharge and catch up on some reading.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Manila was definitely enjoyable; the traffic resembled a car park in metro areas! With all forms of transport clogging the main roads, a combination of Jeepneys, fancily decorated American style cars with multiple seats were a cheaper and preferred mode of transport for many.

A local Jeepney.

During my travels, I also tried some simply delicious foods! Being a vegetarian can be a challenge when you’re on the road, but the tofu and rich selection of vegetables was delightful. I was also hooked on the refreshing and ever-so-addictive green mango shakes.  Try one if you can – it’s an icy fruit number that’s perfect for tackling the heat!

My new obsession- Green mango smoothies!

The Filipino love of life so infectious and I was definitely sad to leave. I had met some wonderful people. So a big thank you to my friends/tour guides/colleagues for such a memorable and truly unique experience.

So now I’m home and looking forward to sharing many new exciting initiatives with you! And, I can’t wait for what’s happening next at USANA as I look forward to sharing our incredible journey with each and every one of you.

In happiness and health!

Pamela Ferry