Mike Allsop’s 777 Project – and why we’re focusing on the kids!

Written by Ravinder Lilly - Dietitian and Health Writer

For most of us, running (or walking) a half marathon could just be the pinnacle of our sporting careers. But running a full-on marathon and a hike up Mount Everest is just a practice run for über-fit athlete and USANA Ambassador, Mike Allsop.

Air New Zealand pilot, Mike, has been in training for his biggest challenge yet – the 777 Project – it involves taking on 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days!

Starting from the Falkland Islands on February 16, Mike heads to Santiago in Chile, he’ll then travel to Los Angeles, United States. Crossing continents to London, England Mike will head east towards Casablanca, Morocco and then onto Hong Kong, China. Finally, Mike will return to his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand for the final leg of his epic adventure – 295.365 kilometres in fact!

Doing it for charity

And, father of three, Mike, is doing it all to raise funds for disadvantaged children in New Zealand. His chosen charity is KidsCan, an organisation dedicated to supporting disadvantaged Kiwi kids. Mike is no stranger to difficulty himself, having grown up in a low-income, single-parent family. He’s hoping that by pushing himself to the limits, he will inspire children from all backgrounds to follow their dreams.

USANA Ambassador Mike Allsop who is about to start the 777 Project in just under two weeks received a $2000 cheque from the USANA True Health Foundation, for the charity KidsCan at Celebration in Auckland! We will also be donating $1000 NZ for every one of the 7 marathons completed, and an additional $1000 on the completion of the 777 Project – that’s $10,000 in total!

And, once he has recovered from his immense trial, he plans to author a book about his experiences with the proceeds again going towards charity. Mike will also be speaking at High schools and Colleges, talking to teenagers about goal setting and achieving their own dreams.

‘Since taking USANA products, I have been quite astounded with the results,’ said Mike. ‘When I changed to USANA I felt so good and so different.’

Mike credits USANA with giving him more energy to endure his training. ‘Without a shadow of a doubt USANA has enabled me to train hard and recover faster,’ he said. ‘USANA is my foundation block which I trust and know I can depend upon.’

Like Mike!

Mike will be followed on his epic journey via GPS so you can follow him too – at least on Facebook! Give him a special cheer and send a note of support to Mike when he’s near your home turf. Let’s unite as a family to support this incredible Ambassador!

To follow Mike’s journey, visit his 777 Project Facebook page.

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