Tips to kick start your New Year’s weight loss resolution!

Written by Tracey Clissold - USANA Ambassador and Sports Nutritionist

Well welcome to 2013! I know many of you will have New Year's weight loss resolutions, particularly those participating in the USANA RESET™ Challenge: Destination Transformation, so here are some tips to help you on your weight loss journey.

What are some of the common things people get confused about when trying to lose weight?

1. Skipping meals (e.g. not eating breakfast)

2. Irregular eating patterns - too long between meals/snacks

3. Cutting out carbohydrates (e.g. Paleo or high protein diet)

All these issues cause the same problem - low blood sugar.

When blood sugar levels drop below normal the following things happen:

The formulation of USANA's NutrimealTM shakes and Nutrition Bars are ideal to provide sustained energy and to satisfy hunger. They are low GI, balanced carbohydrates/fats/protein, have essential fats and are a complete protein source.

4. Exercise + healthy diet = ideal fat loss equation

Every muscle contraction uses calories. Incidental activity uses more calories over the course of a day than a “planned” exercise session. So fill up your day with incidental activity - don't sit down all day!

Incidental activity includes walking everywhere, doing the housework, gardening, playing with kids/pets and washing the car.

5. Weight on the scales - all weight is not equal!

Muscle is 3X heavier than fat!

Most low calorie diets will cause a great deal of muscle burning because carbohydrate feeding is limited. This is quite impacting on the scales! However the following things will “protect” your muscle (your metabolic rate), and make you a “fat burning machine”:

Wishing you all the best for 2013!