Here’s to a wonderful year that’s past – and looking forward to a fantastic 2013 to come!

It’s been hectic, it’s gone fast but 2012 has also been one of the most memorable years at USANA for a very long time. As we look forward to what I know will be another incredible year for all of us, I just wanted to share some of the many highlights.

Early this year, we hosted the Asia Pacific Convention in Darling Harbour. It was a brilliant success and we launched two new products, our amazing supplemented sports drink, Rev3 Energy™ Drink and BiOmega™ Jr. Later in the year, both of these fab products went on to win prizes at the Australian Business awards – Rev3 Energy Drink for the best new product innovation and BiOmega Jr. for the best new product!

Getting to know more and more of our wonderful movers and shakers in the USANA business world was a pleasure for me and your enthusiasm was infectious! Talking of trips, we had an incredibly successful and very peaceful time at the Australia & New Zealand Growth trip to Fiji where we were joined by New Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Directors from the blossoming Philippines market. It was a great opportunity to learn, build relationships and spread the inspiration that your success is built upon.

And for the global 20th anniversary celebrations in Salt Lake City, we had record breaking numbers come together to celebrate the momentous occasion. One of the most enjoyable times for me was a special VIP breakfast held for our regions new rank advancers. Dave Wentz dropped by to have a chat and it really boosted our already sky high enthusiasm!

It was my pleasure to introduce a wide variety of fantastic speakers to various venues across Australia and New Zealand. From the wonderfully successful and inspirational Tony and Tammy Daum to motivating messages from Nancy On, Aaron Dinh, Karen Wolfe and more. Stay tuned because we intend to bring even more fabulous entrepreneurs over next year, too!

Recognition was through the roof this year. We loved seeing so many of us grow into truly successful business makers and I loved getting to know such wonderfully enthusiastic speakers – and that includes our growing Gen Y market. Everywhere it seems that inspiring and enthusiastic young people are making a difference in the world – and they’re such a joy to work with.

2013 will be landmark year for all of us as we celebrate our 15th year in Australia. We’ll kick off with some enormous announcements at Celebration. If 2012 is anything to go by, I just know that 2013 will be our biggest year to date!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!

Yours in health,

Pamela Ferry - Network Development Manager for Australia

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