Igniting our interest with Dr Karen Wolfe and RESET!

Written by Pamela Ferry 

What a privilege it has been to have our Aussie native and medical doctor, Dr Karen Wolfe return to our shores and leave the audiences spellbound with her simple yet effective tips to success at the recent Connect4$uccess!

But it wasn’t all work, work, work! I was lucky enough to spend some quality time with Karen and her husband Steve.

Meeting Karen and Steve, it really struck me that these two high achievers have really cracked the code to the work/life balance! They work hard but enjoy their downtime with family and friends, too.

Karen and Steve in Sydney.

Enjoying Sydney Harbour.

We had a wonderful evening at the iconic Sydney Harbour with some of our Sydney team and some of the top leaders from across Australia and New Zealand. We enjoyed the city sites and even managed a trip to the zoo! And, while Karen wowed audiences at the various Connect4$uccess events, Steve had the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere that is uniquely Australia.

On Sydney Harbour with some of our USANA leaders and USANA's president of the Americas and Europe, Kevin Guest.

And talking of training…

Karen is a Diamond Director based in California and she has focussed her career on wellness (rather than ill health as she did when she worked in general practice). Karen enjoys helping people look good and feel great about themselves and she does this with our very own RESETTM.

As a health expert, Karen translated her passion for good health and spoke about how RESET has helped to reset the health of so many individuals.

For example, she spoke about the need for low glycaemic foods – too often, the sugary foods we use to ‘fix’ our mood spirals into a low mood soon after eating once again triggering the urge for a sugar ‘high’. The only way to get out of this vicious cycle, she explained, was to opt for mood-modifying and satisfying low glycaemic foods. And starting with RESET is a great way to get off the sugar bandwagon and then concentrate on weight and mood management.

It was a full house in Melbourne and across Australia and New Zealand!

Some of the Gen Y team in Perth.

Dr Wolfe spoke passionately about the need for physical activity – it’s essential for good health, not just for the heart and lungs but for the whole body. Plus, it can boost moods to keep motivation high. Then there was the need for nutrition at the cell level – something here at USANA we are all passionate about!

A steady approach to weight management will see steady improvements and motivation that’s sky high. Interested in resetting your weight-management? Everyone that heard her speak sure were!

Training: Ignite prosperity in your own USANA business!

Training was all about ignition – or ignite to be more precise!
I = integrate the products into your body, mind and life
G = go for your dreams
N = navigate support systems
I = invite for success
T = train for success
E = expand your network

Karen spoke about the vital need for coaching – it’s the cornerstone to business building and empowers each individual to make their own decisions, she said.

Speaking of her own experience of growing a USANA business with
RESETTM, Karen explained that RESET is a transition period that helps the individual to make a start in the direction that they want to take.

She explained the need to look at a whole range of lifestyle factors from a sensible and balanced food plan based on healthy nutrient-dense foods plus the need for making a physical activity plan. She spoke about the necessity for supplements, adequate hydration, healthy gut flora, getting enough restful sleep and busting stress in our fast-paced 21st century lives. She also spoke about the need for being with other healthy, like-minded people – after all, buddies can help you succeed but they can also drag you down if they are out to block your best health plans!

Essentially Karen Wolfe spoke about the unique aspects of a USANA business, that allow you to lead by design and inspire others by what inspires you. Isn’t it time to get enthused, take a leap and get you from where you are now to your own six figure income?

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Health and happiness,

Pamela Ferry
Network Development Manager for Australia

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