October Inspiration

Written by Pamela Ferry 

We have just completed a hugely successful tour of Australia and New Zealand with the power duo, USANA Scientist Dr Brian Dixon, Executive Director of Product & Technology Innovation and USANA Global Leader 2-Star Diamond Director Aaron Dinh. We had an incredible time and I know for myself, I learnt so much more about the science behind our products and how to become a more effective leader.

Sydney team lunch with 2-Star Diamond Director Aaron Dinh, Cathy Ngo & Dr Brian Dixon.

Dr Brian Dixon beautifully portrayed the importance of taking a high quality supplement and why USANA is the best option. Such relevant and scientific information left everyone even more confident that USANA is the only choice for supplements.

Dr Brian Dixon with Caroline Southwell from Sydney.

Catching up with the alluring Aaron Dinh!

We all knew it, and 2-Star Diamond and charismatic icon Aaron Dinh said what we already believe – that new people are the lifeblood of our business. Aaron spoke with almost 2000 Associates and guests across Australia and New Zealand about the qualities of leadership that have brought him so far in his USANA business. ‘Leadership is about inspiring others to action – it’s not about telling people to do things. Being a good leader is all about helping others to succeed, helping others to get to where you are,’ he said.

2-Star Diamond Director Aaron Dinh and Cathy Ngo.

Be your employer and your own CEO!

Other insightful tips that Aaron shared included the need to work as an employer but think like a CEO. But you always have to have the bigger picture in mind. He stressed, there are no downlines and uplines – everyone is in it together, everyone is a partner!

The crowd was excited to hear from Aaron!

Strong relationships

Speaking about the qualities that are the foundations of any healthy relationship, Aaron encouraged all of us to build strong relationships and a dynamic group of family and friends that you care about. After all, he explained, like life, business is dynamic and ever-changing and good foundations mean that when times are tough, you can count on others and vice versa.

With the Australian Network Girls and Sydney Diamond Director Raman Chen.

The power of attraction

It’s also about attraction. Think about what attracted you to USANA in the first place. What do you want to become? ‘We’re in the business of attractive marketing after all’ said Aaron, ‘so be attracted by what you want to become and then become it!’

Don’t get stuck!

Aaron stressed the need to be challenged. ‘People tend to get stuck because they stop doing what they did to rank advance.’ Yet all of us need challenges. Without challenges and change, we stand still and don’t progress on our journey.

Aaron ended by stating that for many people, encouraging and inspiring people to get started are the biggest challenges but bring great rewards, too. ‘Help build self-belief in others’ ended Aaron, ‘and they too can begin on the road to realising their own dreams!’

If you get the opportunity to hear Aaron speak, don’t miss your chance. You will be truly inspired!

We are already looking forward to his next visit.

Health and happiness,

Pamela Ferry
Network Development Manager for Australia

How exciting to have 4-Star Diamond Director Mary Ma in the audience for October Inspiration.