Men’s health – no more excuses!

Written by Pamela Ferry 

We’ve just had the first ever Men’s Health Event at our Castle Hill office and what a success it was! The male of the species were out in force along with their wives, mums and girlfriends to see our special speakers, Dr Gerald Lewis and Dr Monica Lewis.

Going to see the doctor for a health problem or for a check-up is not something that most men do regularly – you could say that many men get their cars checked out more often than their own health! That’s why it was so fabulous to see more that 200 people pack out the Wentz Theatre at our Castle Hill office to listen to the much overlooked subject of men’s health.

Husband and wife team

USANA favourites Dr Gerald Lewis and Dr Monica shared their amazing insights on empowering men to boost their own health. Practicing cardiologist and general physician Dr Gerald Lewis shared just a little of his amazing insight spanning 40 years in medicine. Drawing upon his experience of working in coronary care units, catheter laboratories and cardiac surgical units in the United Kingdom, Christchurch, Hawke’s Bay and Wellington, Dr Lewis spoke about the importance of heart health. This, by the way, is still the number one cause of death in Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Gerald and Dr Monica Lewis. 

Getting answers!

Having researched the areas of complementary therapies, Dr Lewis combines selected nutritional supplements with conventional medicine for an integrated approach to wellness. And this approach really hit the mark with the audience – both male and female. The question and answer section was a great opportunity for men to get answers. Topics ranged from general health and heart disease to male-centred cancers and other conditions such as prostate problems. Plus, there were a whole host of measures to boost men’s health – body and mind!  Both men and women got the answers to questions they wanted answered but never got round to asking their own doctor!

RevolutionY looking out for their health.

A holistic approach to health

Ruby Director, Dr Monica Lewis’ passion is helping people with complex health problems where the medical profession has little more to offer them. A passionate advocate of integrated medicine and personalised nutrition, she incorporates mind-body medicine including counselling and nutritional medicine, in a very holistic approach.

A motivational public speaker on many health topics, Dr Lewis has co-authored a number of books on the importance of using high quality nutritional supplements, heart disease and, most recently, on the options for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Dr Wentz Vision Award winner Dr Monica, is also on the Medical Advisory Board of USANA Health Sciences.

The audience left upbeat and eager to learn more. And I suspect there will be a few check-ups being organised with doctors’ offices around Sydney – whether by the men who were at the presentation or the women that came with them!

With the Buhagiar family.

What the audience had to say…

Director Lucille Rogers: Thanks to all involved in making this evening so fabulous! As always, topical relevant content delivered in such a professional, candid and humorous way. So appreciated! 

Dr Monica Lewis with our oldest and dearest friend George Gianniotis.

Health and happiness,

Pamela Ferry
Network Development Manager for Australia

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