What a great Super Success Seminar with Nancy On!

Nancy On is from San Jose, USA. She is a Top Diamond Director, Growth 25 and USANA Rising Star. In her trip to Australia this time, she has shown USANA Australian Associates how to be successful in this world as long as they give themselves a challenge!

At the Super Success Seminar training last weekend, 400 people gathered in Sydney to hear Nancy On share her personal USANA story.

Working three jobs, Nancy found out about USANA when she was 20 years old. By 24 she had advanced to Diamond Director and was financially independent. Nancy has seen her dreams come to fulfilment with USANA and her next goal is to take her business global… so watch this space!

As a super successful Gen-Y USANA Associate, Nancy uses a simple method to grow her team and USANA business. Her tips are as below:

No wonder Lucille Rogers, one of USANA’s Sydney Associates, told us that ‘I am going to invite someone to something every day!’ Taking action is always the first step to a successful business, isn’t it?

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