Happy Faces with BiOmega Jr. competition WINNERS!

Written by Daniel Walshaw

Thank you to every person who participated in the Facebook competition. We seriously loved seeing all the creative ideas (you clearly have all been taking fish oil) that you came up with and think that the BiOmega Jr. kids are some of the cutest kids around! We are just happy that we didn’t have to judge the pictures ourselves, as it would have been extremely hard with all the awesome pictures that came through.

The competition was a great success and collectively we had over 700 likes on all the pictures-which was a huge achievement! We also got many new fans, which was very exciting and it was great to have many different people interacting on our Facebook, which is what social media is for.

So I won’t delay any longer… the WINNER of the competition is…….

Lesley Goh! A huge congratulations to Lesley for this great photo of a very happy boy - BiOmega Jr. has that effect on kids! Lesley will receive a 6 month supply of our new BiOmega Jr. , which as you can probably tell from the pictures on our Facebook page is a very popular product for children, full of the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids… the best part is it has no fishy after taste, as it is naturally sweetened with Stevia.

Congratulations to the five runners-up who will receive a 3 month supply of BiOmega Jr. :

Natalie Tabony, with a picture of three of the happiest boys!

Rebecca Brum, with a very clever way to take BiOmega Jr. that we had never seen before. Perhaps we should make BiOmega Jr. into a drink!

Amanda Inskeep, with Toby who loves the new BiOmega Jr. as a treat!

Cecilia Bowen, with Joshua and Monique very excited about taking their fish oil!

Moira Ryan, with a great photo of the boys doing acrobatics, decked out in USANA gear too!

So thank you again to everyone who participated, we can’t wait to do more competitions like this in the future, so there will be other chances to win.

To the winners, we will be getting your prizes out to you shortly, so stay by the mail box.

I will leave you with another one of the photos subscribed. I thought this photo was very creative, so thank you for sending it through Christina Wang!