USANA Rocks with the Denkster!

Last night over 150 Associates and guests enjoyed a great evening in the USANA offices in Castle Hill with Ruby Director, Top Associate Enroller, Top pacesetter Creator, and North America Growth 25, Alexander Denk (also known as “the Denkster”).

Alexander had a powerful message about taking responsibility for where we are, and where our business is at (“it’s always a good day, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference”). He challenged us not to “try” but to “decide” (“you decided to come here tonight and you’re here. The people who were going to “try” to come, are still at home”).

What does the Denkster eat? “A prospect for breakfast, one for lunch and another for dinner” . No wonder he is so successful!

Alexander also talked about the importance of giving. “Unselfish thinking increases the quality of life”. One of his famous lines is “Give while you live”.

Did we have fun? For sure! Did we learn a lot? Yes, and it was very motivational.

The Denkster left us with one last thought

“Happiness is not pleasure, Happiness is victory!”

Thanks for the night Alexander, we hope to welcome you back to Australia and New Zealand soon!