Share health and USANA this World Health Day

World Health Day, which is on April 7th is approaching. If you don’t know anything about World Health Day, here’s your chance to find out. World Health Day is celebrated every year to highlight the anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organisation back in 1948. The timely topic this year is on ageing and health with the theme, “good health adds life to years”. We know that proper health and nutrition throughout your lifetime can help individuals to “lead full and productive lives and be a resource for their families and communities”. This is why proper nutrition should start at a young age and be carried throughout life!

The theme, “good health adds life to years” is what USANA has and will always stand for..true health adding life to years! Life is to be enjoyed and fully experienced and it is our hope that our products help you on that journey!

We must work to leave a legacy of health and nutrition for the future generations and lead by example…true health and nutrition is EVERYONE’S responsibility.

So this year, while the message of good health is focused on, don’t forget to get out there and remind friends and family about the importance of health and nutrition and how “good health adds life to years”.

Let’s all work together to be healthy, and to make the USANA family the healthiest family on earth!