Calling all USANA AP Convention Visitors – welcome to Sydney!

USANA’s Asia Pacific Convention 2012 is just a month or so away – are you ready for your visit? Whether it’s the first time you’re coming to Sydney or you’re a seasoned Sydney-sider, here are some tips on travelling, accommodation and dining for a fun and fabulous trip!

When you travel

If you’re flying over, try to book a window seat for beautiful glimpses of the city of Sydney.

Grab a copy of the Sydney Tourist Guide booklet when you arrive at Sydney International Airport; the booklet contains vouchers and money-saving coupons for many of the activities on offer in this vibrant city!

Sydney is crowned by a stunning, natural harbour and is home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The bustling city centre boasts numerous fine restaurants and fabulous shopping centres.

For the Convention, you’ll be heading towards Darling Harbour, home to the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre and just a ten-minute walk from the CBD. Darling Harbour offers a unique combination of waterfront dining, excellent accommodation, entertainment, shopping and leisure activities – truly the perfect backdrop to any event!

The Visitor Centre at Darling Harbour provides brochures, maps and other info about activities and events in and around Sydney. The friendly advisors will answer your questions and many speak a second language, too.

Websites which you may find useful include:
Accommodation and dining

The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre is located within a short distance of a wide range of hotels and restaurants.

Visit the AP Convention 2012 website to view hotels and their locations or book hotel accommodation online. Some hotels are offering a special rate for USANA Convention attendees.

Read the Top 10 Magazine Gourmet Destinations online for more about the most exclusive dining restaurants and luxury accommodations around. We will also compile a list of recommended restaurants on the AP Convention website, which offer discounted meals or a complimentary glass of wine. So don’t forget to check back for it.

What to bring

Pack comfortable clothing like short-sleeved shirts, shorts and summer dresses and comfy walking shoes. The weather in Sydney is warm and wet in early march so carry an umbrella just in case of showers. Pack a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunblock to protect you from the sun which can still be intense this time of year. And, if you’re planning a visit to any of Sydney’s beautiful beaches, don’t forget your swimmers and flip-flops. You might need a jacket or pullover in the evening as the temperature can drop down to around 18°C at night. And finally, don’t forget your USANA nutritional supplements to help you stay on top of your health!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful and enjoyable stay in Sydney!