Professional Athletes know the secret to achieving their best – you can too!

"It is important that I take products that are safe and of the highest quality. This is what USANA represents.” – Samantha Stosur, Tennis Player, Champion of the US Open 2011, Australia

Did you know that "couch potatoes" often live longer than professional athletes? This might sound like a lie, but the extreme exercise a professional athlete endures, means they place more strain on their bodies than the average person. An athlete sweats more in 5 years than an inactive person does in 75 years, which means they're losing more nutrients from their bodies.

But professional athletes treat their bodies like temples, and they know how important it is to replace these nutrients and look after their bodies to stay healthy and fit. But how do you replace all these lost nutrients?

The athlete's secret weapon is nutritional supplements. And more and more athletes are turning to USANA to provide them with all natural, scientifically proven nutrition for optimum health.

“USANA was a key difference in my winning the gold and setting the world record at the 2002 Winter Games.” - Derek Parra, Olympic Gold and Silver Medal winning US Speedskater.

Liezel Huber is the world's No. 1-ranked doubles tennis player. Listen to why she trusts her health to USANA:

Even if you're not a professional athlete, you still want to perform at your best in everyday life. Whether you're training for a marathon, enjoying a new sport or simply trying to stay fit and healthy, you know the importance of good nutrition in your life.

Sometimes it's impossible to get all the nutrients our bodies need from food alone. This is especially true today, when many nutrient-rich foods are grown, processed and stored in a way that depletes their nutritional value. Taking nutritional supplements from USANA's Essentials range keep your body in top form.

“USANA Essentials have made an amazing difference to my health. I feel that my body is stronger and healthier, and recovers faster when I use it.” – Britta Martin, Triathlete and Triathlon coach

Professional athletes may put more pressure on their bodies, but they live healthy, active lives and reap the benefits of pushing themselves to their limit. Their secret for success is making sure they're getting all the nutrients they need. If you want to be healthy, fit and in control, you should, too.

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