Here’s to the Year of the Dragon!

Written by Ravinder Lilly

According to one UK-health research body, most of us ditch our best-made plans just ten days into the New Year – the January 1 New Year that is. So if your best-made January 1 plans have fallen by the wayside, bring on Chinese New Year!

2012 is the year of the dragon which symbolises good fortune, energy and vitality. But whether you feel that good fortune is more down to luck than choices, one thing is a given – you definitely can make a difference to your energy and vitality! And, what better way to prepare for a thriving and energy-filled dragon-filled, fire-breathing New Year than by beginning or rethinking your New Year’s resolution?

Studies show that top of most peoples’ New Year’s Resolution list is to get healthy and/or lose weight. And with up to two out of three adults now being classified as overweight or obese, getting into a healthy weight range is so important. It can help to reduce the risk of developing long-term conditions like heart diseases and Type 2 diabetes and it can give your self-esteem a massive boost, too.

More and more research is showing that an effective way to kick-start a healthier life is to follow an internet-based lifestyle health program. One study by the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado, Denver and USANA Health Sciences showed that a 12-week online lifestyle program including a low-glycaemic diet and low-glycaemic meal replacements, nutritional supplements and moderate exercise (at least 30 minutes per day) had effective results. In less than three months, participants showed significant improvement in metabolic and heart health, and lost an average of 5.5kg. See start your RESET program today and see for yourself!

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