Wednesday, December 28, 2011

USANA is gearing up for AP Convention 2012

Have you secured your ticket to USANA Asia Pacific Convention 2012? Or are you still not sure if it’s worth attending? Perhaps the five reasons to attend AP2012 will help you make up your mind. Even though it’s now the festive season, USANA Australia and New Zealand office is still buzzing in anticipation for AP… After all, it’s going to be a huge event!

So, where we are at?

If you have visited the AP Convention 2012 website recently, you will have noticed our new look and feel, while still providing all the essential information you will need to make your trip to Sydney an unforgettable experience. Of course, as time goes on, we will be adding more information, so don’t forget to check back whenever you have a question about the convention.

For those who haven’t been to Sydney before, why not follow USANA Vice President of Pacific Region, David Mulham, as he takes you through Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay. Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming blogs, where we will give you a list of things to do and tips on travelling, dining and accommodations.

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What’s happening in the “word-of-mouth” world?

One of the amazing things about social media is being able to filter the information and meanwhile, have your own voice. Verse visa, you can hear from others as well, especially those who share the same interest with you. Find the latest updates on the AP Convention page of the USANA Australia New Zealand fan page, join the conversation and spread the word to your friends, because this is what social media all about. A tricky way to share this page is to include “@USANA Asia Pacific Convention 2012” in your wall post and the smart Facebook will pick up this link, which will take your friends to the event page.

Apart from Facebook, we have wrapped USANA, word! (blog) and @USANA_ANZ (Twitter) with AP wrapping paper. To read the AP blogs, just type in “USANA Asia Pacific Convention 2012” in the search bar. When share the latest AP news with your followers on Twitter, put the hash tag #USANAAPC12 in your Tweets. As you can tell, we are all geared-up!

Treat the New Year as a new start – and at USANA we will start celebrating the New Year with excitement and energy as we charge towards the AP Convention! We are looking forward to it, and so are the USANA Sydney Associates! Here is what they say about it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

USANA Biz Centre: How to Evaluate Your Goals

We're all told "you must set goals, or you won't achieve anything". Setting goals is a great idea, whether it's for your health, your business, your finances or your life. But after you've set your goals, what do you do with them? Do you pin them to your wall and look at them every day? Do you put them in a drawer and forget about them? Do you evaluate your progress every few months? If not, it's time to start!

Write your goals down on a piece of paper in front of you. Ask yourself if they are long-term goals, or short-term goals. For example, "lose weight" is a long-term goal, while "finish annual report" is a short-term goal.

Now if you haven’t achieved the goal, you need to ask yourself “why”? For a long-term goal like "losing weight", it's usually because you haven't created a plan for how to achieve it. And how can you plan to achieve it without the specifics?
- How much weight do you want to lose?
- When do you want to lose it by?
Rephrase your goal to include a measurable unit of success. "Lose weight" becomes "lose 20kgs in twelve months." Your goal has instantly gone from wistful thinking to an achievable outcome.

Now you need to create a series of action-steps to get you on track to completing your goal. These action steps need to be easy, quick and immediate. For example, the first action step might be "go for a run tonight" or "spend an hour at the gym". These are things you can complete right now to bring you one step closer to your goal. Every day, look at your goals and assign one action step to complete that day.

Every few months, measure your progress towards your goal, and write it down too. For example, if you lose 10kg in three months, write that down, and give yourself a big congrats for being ahead of schedule.

You also need to ask yourself if you're still interested in pursuing this goal. Sometimes, your situation and lifestyle can change, and a goal you were enthusiastic about six months ago no longer meets your needs. Maybe you decide instead of losing weight, you want to focus on building muscle, or, instead of starting a new business, you want to travel through South America. Learning to evaluate and shape your goals to fit your lifestyle gives you a better chance of success.

So, what goals have you set yourself this year?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Game. Set. Match.

Did you know that USANA is the Official Health Supplement Supplier for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and USANA EssentialsTM has been the Official Multivitamin of the WTA since 2006?

For any top competitor, optimal health could mean the difference between a Grand Slam Championship and a first-round ext. That's why over 165 WTA players trust their health to USANA.

A new tennis season kicks off in Australia and New Zealand in January and USANA will be there to support our WTA players in both cities!

The ASB Classic starts January 2 in Auckland and features USANA ambassador Zheng Jie and other well known names such as Venus Williams and Jelena Dokic. USANA will be hosting an exhibition booth in the “Fan Zone” area so make sure you come down and check us out!

The Sydney Apia International starts on January 8 at Sydney Olympic Park and features our very own Sam Stosur, ready to back up from her recent US Open Grand Slam win! The Sydney International features a stunning line up of female players with nine of the top 10 scheduled to participate! The Sydney booth will feature a prize wheel where tennis fans have the chance to win some great prizes including instant wins such as USANA products, to entries to the daily major prize draw – a 6 month supply of USANA EssentialsTM – that’s over $4,000 worth of product up for grabs!

So if you’re looking for something fun and exciting during these school holidays, grab the kids and get down to Sydney Olympic Park between 8 – 14 January for some world-class tennis action and don't forget to stop by the USANA booth and say hi!

Here are a few pictures from the USANA booth in 2011!

Our booth in 2011 attracted lots of tennis fans with their chance to win a game on the Nintendo Wii!

WTA player, Alisa Kleybanova (RUSSIA) stopped off at the USANA booth to sign some autographs for keen fans

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

USANA Athlete Tips: Keeping Fit and Healthy over the Festive Season

The festive season is a great challenge for everyone, especially for our team of USANA Sponsored Athletes. If anyone knows to survive the season, they definitely do!!! So for all you health and fitness lovers out there, here’s some advice that our athletes have to offer…

"Christmas time is always busy, visiting friends and family and the whole social experience. I travel a lot in the months leading up to the middle of December and so for me I find it to be particularly hectic. I use this time as a bit of a rest period from my normal squash specific training, so I am not working as hard as I normally do, however I still like to do something most days to keep active.

I don’t see a lot of summer time, so I like to make the most of it and be outside. I find that the best thing for me is to get up in the morning and to have a training session straight away. I mix things up, sometimes I will go for a run, workout in the gym, or maybe a casual bike, but I always try to do it first thing in the morning. If I wait until the afternoon, I find too many distractions and then this is when I have a much bigger chance of not doing a training session that particular day. I have found this to work best for me over the summer period and hope it works for you too during the summer holiday season."

Martin Knight, Professional Squash player

"The best way to stay healthy and fit over the holidays is to set yourself a specific goal. At the moment is the right time to look for something to train for or set a specific goal. It can be something like a little race, for example a 5km running race or a bike race or whatever you like. It could even be something for yourself, for example do your favourite running loop faster or do a higher weight in the gym. But you want to achieve it by January or February. By doing this, you will always have it at the back of your mind, while still allowing yourself to have a nice Christmas dinner. You will try to make up for it the next day, because you want to achieve your goal. Myself, I will have a big race at the end of January. I am very excited about the Christmas holiday period, because I know, I have a few more holidays and time to do more training. I will still have some treats and nice food, but will run it off the next day. Allow yourself to some treats, but make sure you do an extra km the next day :) Have a happy Christmas Holiday! "

Britta Martin, Triathlete and Triathlon coach

"During my break I am still active, I just change my routine to keep it fresh and interesting; to give the top two inches a break and have fun. I like getting into activities with my family. I took up aqua aerobics with my mum while off the bike for a while. It was solidly entertaining and provided a good excuse to visit the coffee shop for mother-daughter time afterwards. I also went on a few tramps/ rock climbing/ kayak expeditions with my sister and her crazy outdoor friends which was so much fun :)

I am also a fan of Bikram Yoga, it’s a hard workout, but very social and relaxing. Once again it is simply something different to do, that will help maintain fitness. I like it because it is an all over body workout, so helps balance my proportions somewhat (the upper body in most cyclists is non-existent).

I tend to get a bit spontaneous during the indulgent season too, with food and exercise. I find that I am rather relaxed with what I eat, but I am still conscious of not overeating, which is an important factor to maintaining shape without strict training regimes. I jump in the occasional social/indoor sports games, take dance lessons with friends, fall on my face and trip over my poles attempting Nordic walking and generally do things which are new, or that I think I would enjoy. I do still get in the saddle for the odd toodle, and even joined the dark side, going mountain biking a couple of times.

The main thing is keeping it relaxed, fun and interesting."

Ashleigh Neave, Cyclist

"Maintaining your health and fitness over the Christmas & New Year celebrations is absolutely possible, and believe it or not you can still enjoy the festivites and start the new year feeling fit and fabulous to boot! Like any goal you need to make plans and a commitment to stick to them. You might actually find this is a time you can sneak in a bit of extra exercise, if you have some time away from work.
For me, I always keep the bigger picture in mind- in my case the next big competition and my goal to win a medal at the next Paralympics. Christmas and New Year fall right in the middle of the swimming season in Australia, so I have been training hard for months and over indulging just isn't worth it. For me Christmas is MOST fun when I KNOW I AM STILL ON TRACK WITH MY TRAINING.

If I am heading into a REALLY major competition, not much about my routine changes. I will be training on Christmas eve, sometimes even on Christmas day. If the public pool is closed on the public holidays I substitute by going for a ride of my handcycle in the park or doing a workout at home.

One way we tend to over indulge during the festive season is with all the delicious food at parties and friends’ places. To help with this I often take a healthy dish to a gathering, which other friends can enjoy and can help me keep on track. I prefer to taste a few 'treat' items I will REALLY enjoy rather than try EVERYTHING. Filling up on salads and light options help.

I like to get my training done for the day before heading off to celebrate with friends and family so I am free to enjoy the rest of the day.

Wishing you a Merry, Happy and Healthy Christmas!"

Marayke Jonkers, Paralympian

"I find Christmas is that part of the year to enjoy myself and spend time with family, but I justify eating all the good stuff by substituting it for exercise, for example during that time I will take the stairs instead of the escalator.

Eating in moderation is also a good way of handling it - eat what you want but in moderation. Seeing as though this time of year there are so many festivities going on, if I have to drive I'll park a good walk away so I get some exercise that way."

Nathan Charles, Australian Rugby Union player and Super 15 Rugby player

"This is a very easy question for me to answer because at this time of year in New Zealand we are preparing for Surf Life Saving and Kayak Nationals and for Events in Australia. So if you don't stay on track with the training and the complete nutritional regime you can kiss your season goodbye so it is business as usual!! There is time to rest at the end of March but not over Christmas and New Year. For example -The Squad I train with were all out on the Ocean in Surf Skis at 7am last Christmas day. I can remember that it was a stunning morning, warm and still with a glassy ocean and we paddled from the Club to the Coastal Mountains and back, around 25kms, before going home to a Christmas breakfast!! We still have time with friends and family but it makes it so much easier when your friends and "Family" are the people you train with because we help each other keep on track and encourage and support everyone.
I guess it depends on how dedicated you are and what goals you have but if you are part of Teams, whether it be Double Surf Ski or K2 Kayak, then you need to be on the same page with your Team Mate!"

- Alex Fort, Kayaker and Surf Life Saver

Some great advice from our athletes which each one of us can incorporate into our own festive and holiday routine. So get started and make your personal plan to stay healthy and fit this holiday season!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Are You Up To Date With Us #2?

There are a couple of projects floating around the office and it’s time to give you an update:

Movember, who is the lucky winner?

It’s so nice to see our Movember team with clean-shaved faces today, which we haven’t seen for a full month! And the fund raising result is? More than $5,000! Apart from the online donation, USANA Australia had a series of fund raising activities including a hilarious raffle. The ‘lucky’ winner, our IT Manager, Leanne Lee, was given the special opportunity to reveal a ‘Pre-Movember’ David. The contributed fund goes straight to the research and support of prostate cancer and other health issues that affect men. Thanks to all team members who dedicated to this activity! Visit USANA’s Mo Space to say hello to them.

USANA Asia Pacific Convention 2012

It’s only 97 days to go until USANA’s Asia Pacific Convention 2012! We have decided on a great spectrum of speakers so far. They are: Dr. Myron Wentz, Dave Wentz, Dr. Libby Weaver, Dr. Paige & Daniel Hunter, Dr. Lyle MacWilliam, Jason Shih, Dr. Brian Dixon and Michael McQueen. Visit the AP Convention website for more information of the speakers. If you are a Twitter guru, you can include the hash tag of #USANAAPC12 in your tweets and spread the word to your followers as much as you can.

Super Success with Michael Callejas

Michael Callejas - 1-Star Diamond Director from the US, recently visited Australia to present at a number of Super Success Seminars - he answered all your business questions and more at these inspirational events...he makes the USANA business so easy!

Here are some comments from USANA Associates about his training:

“In a word, ‘sensational’. Michael's training was right on the button making it all look so easy!”

Robin Ellis, Sydney

“The Super Success Seminar with 1 star diamond director Michael Callejas was absolutely breathtaking. The knowledge, inspiration and motivation gained were absolutely priceless. He shared so much with us straight from the heart and I can't wait until AP convention when he'll be back again! Thank you Michael you are truly amazing!”

Raman Chen, Sydney

“We had our breakthrough after talking to Michael. His training is so practical and we can apply to our business easily. From now on I understand we need to be productive rather than busy all the time! Our business will be at a higher level after his training. Thank you Michael!”

Dalin Wang, Melbourne

If you missed this event, go to the new USANA Australia New Zealand Facebook Fan page for more photos and videos.