Who Says Halloween Isn’t An Aussie Or Kiwi Thing?

The atmosphere is getting eerie on What’s Up, USANA?, and it’s not hard to tell that Halloween is just around the corner. Gory ghosts, creepy creatures and squeaky skeletons… USANA Australia office is not far behind – if you dare to look.

Those who think Halloween isn’t an Aussie or Kiwi thing, think again!

Are any of these faces familiar?

Have you returned a product? Beware of the hand that does the returns…

Since when has the warehouse become a dead end?

When you ring up the USANA Australian and New Zealand Customer Service,
you have no idea who you are talking with... or do you?

Think finance is magic? The only magic here is Associates’ hard work!
Isn’t that right, Vicki?

Sorry, this bathroom is occupied…
who knows what’s going to pop up if you push the door?

USANA Australia and New Zealand would like to
wish you a happy Halloween!

Do you have any spooky plans for Halloween? Send in your creative Halloween photos either by leaving comments below, or by emailing facebook@au.usana.com.