Who Says Science Is A Boring Subject?

It is happening! Dr. John Cuomo’s trainings have received amazing feedback so far. The Wentz Theatre in the Australian office last night was packed with 180 Associates and guests! 180! Wow! Next time Dr. Cuomo visits down under we’ll need a bigger venue.

Our Sydney-based Associate Kim Parker is very positive in USANA’s moving forward, “The training reinforced what I have known about the USANA products, and gave me an insight on the Development and Testing team behind the USANA products as well as the QA process. When the process is transparent to us, it enables us to be more confident in the products.”

Dr. Cuomo is very pleased with the number of people that turned up, “I didn’t expect so many attendees and I could feel the interest and the passion they have for USANA products! Science is seen as a ‘boring’ subject, and it is great that people are now actually interested in this subject. I think we should do more training like this in the future and make sure people all over the world share USANA’s difference. I will surely come back!”

It is an excellent opportunity for us all, so we tried to maximise his time and arranged some meetings in smaller scale as well. Dr. Cuomo spent some time with USANA Associates, who are health experts and doctors, having Q&A sessions.

If you missed our previous blog about Dr. John Cuomo and his trainings, here you go! If you are in Australia and missed his previous trainings, you’ve still got one more opportunity to attend tonight in Melbourne at 47 Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley. Just pop in at 7.15pm and tickets are available for you right at the door. If you are in New Zealand, don’t miss the training on Saturday, 17 September. Ring USANA Customer Service on 0800 370 126 to book your tickets.

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