Why Do We Need Nutrition?

When we are out and about and see lots of vitamin shops, the shops are always filled with people who eager to find good ‘health’ from the bottles displayed on the shelves, have you ever thought why do I need nutrition? We all want to stay healthy, but what’s the benefit of taking nutritional supplements? We could spend hours counting up the numerous benefits, however through listening to others’ stories and see how they got involved in the ‘nutrition revolution’, could this prove inspiring to you?

I recently asked this question to some of my colleagues in USANA Australia and New Zealand, and found they all have a story to tell – and trust me, it’s not because they are USANA employees, it’s because that they actually need additional nutrition, just like you.

Story 1:

“When ladies reach a certain age and time in their life, the body goes through another set of ‘change’…..by experimenting with the dosage of USANA supplements and introducing ones that I might not normally have taken, this ‘change’ was easily managed.”

Marissa Penfold, Business Manager, USANA New Zealand

Story 2:

“Around the time I started at USANA, I was suffering through periods of tiredness where I’d have low energy levels for days. I had taken other brands of multivitamins before but it didn't seem to have made a difference to my overall health. I decided to give USANA Essentials a try and I felt like my old self and had tons of energy every day – even after putting in a long day at work!

After seeing such great results in my health, I got Essentials for my sister and friends and they too reported feeling healthy and energetic. This was my cue to take Essentials regularly, I always used to think I was getting enough nutrition from food but after taking Essentials I realised that supplementation was also vital. I am pregnant now and I also take Vitamin D and BiOmega III and so does my partner.”

Rashida Tayabali, Marketing Team Member, USANA Australia

Story 3:

“I take supplements in the form of vitamins, minerals and herbs for lots of reasons. For a start I always look to nature for help with my health. My experience has been that most symptoms diminish once you get back to good eating, add a few therapeutic herbs and take better care of yourself. I also take supplements so I can stay younger longer. As a woman, it’s particularly important to stay looking and feeling good for as long as you can. There’s no reason why you can’t feel gorgeous and energised into your 60s and beyond. I also love to exercise and I don’t want anything to get in the way of that. I don’t want to have a bad back or sore joints or any of the other degenerative conditions get in the way of my ability to move. Walking in the national park and my regular yoga is just too valuable to me. Finally, one other major reason I take supplements is because I plan to make it to well into my 90s. There are just so many things to do in this life that I need that many years to do them all. And I want to have my wits about me when I do them!”

Brenda Rogers, Training and Development Manager, USANA Australia

Story 4:

“Before I started taking nutritionals, I thought I was very healthy, really. I am in my early 30s and have a healthy lifestyle – I go swimming; eat at least two varieties of fruit every day; drink lots of water; don’t smoke; don’t drink; don’t stay up late in the evening… you name it! And I haven’t been sick for at least two or three years! However, in my last blood test, my GP told me that my Vitamin D level was very low and I had to take Vitamin D supplement, or… I don’t want to share what my GP said with you after that word ‘or’. But I was scared enough to get a bottle of USANA’s Vitamin D on the following day.

There is a piece of news about the famous composer, Mozart, who passed away in his mid 30s, and the cause could be Vitamin D deficiency, and I don’t want to be a second Mozart! Also, my theory is ‘to do the best I can’, so for nutritionals, I prefer the best quality ones and USANA is obviously the right choice.”

Nancy Wang, Marketing Team Member, USANA Australia

There is a nutrition training session happening tonight at USANA head office in Castle Hill Sydney. USANA Associate, Casey De Croon will be discussing “Why we need nutrition”, for anyone who thinks that they get everything from their diet. If you want to know more about the whys, please arrive by 7.20pm tonight (August 10) and the training will start at 7.30pm. Hope to see you guys there!

Note: Vitamin supplement should not replace a balanced diet. Use only as directed. Always read the label.

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