USANA Biz Centre: Benefits of Social Media

Here at USANA Australia and New Zealand, we love using Social Media to connect with our customers and Associates. You can join the discussion about general health/wellness issues and the USANA business and products on USANA Aus/NZ Facebook or find links to the latest research and updates on our USANA Twitter feed. So it's no surprise we think Social Media can be a huge benefit to your USANA Associate business.

Keep in touch with your audience

Social Media works as an online communication channel with your team and prospects, like your website, but more casual. You can update social media in a jiffy, whereas updating your website might be time-consuming. Customers like being informed of all the latest products, breakthroughs and USANA news, and they might only discover this information by following you on Social Media.

The power of recommendation

If a stranger on the street comes up to you and says "you should try this product!" then you feel a bit wary. But if your best friend says, "I've been using these health products, and they're amazing!" you're much more likely to take notice. Through social media customers can recommend you to their friends, post positive comments about your products, and become emotionally invested in your business. Your customers get the benefit of personal service, and you get more customers, more repeat business and more referrals – and who can complain about that?

Increase your online presence
The more you use social media – and more social media sites you participate in – the more you increase your ability to cross-promote your business and reach a wider audience. And, as more people re-post and re-tweet your links, you increase the traffic of your website, and this helps you rise through the ranks of Google to reach the front page.

Get to know your customers

Social media can also help you with customer service and satisfaction. As users leave comments and "like" links and products, you learn more about who they are and what they like and don't like. Armed with this information, you can improve your business practices.

Help with brand management
Even negative comments can be an opportunity for brand management. If you're clever with wording and quickly and effectively respond to complaints and bad comments, you can turn a negative comment into a loyal customer.

We think social media is one of the best tools network marketers can use – after all, what is network marketing but generating word-of-mouth? Why don't you try social media and see for yourself?

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