If You Missed USANA’s Women In Business 2011…

After a highly successful tour in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, USANA's Women In Business 2011 finally wrapped up in Auckland. As a part of the tour, Carmen Marshall’s Diamond Bound Training and Health & Wellness Spa Training has made the entire experience perfect.

Let the result speak for itself – we had heaps of positive feedback from attendees:

“It was wonderful. So well thought out, room was full and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks so much for such a different idea and so professionally produced. It appealed to the smart, elegant woman for sure! Carmen's training earlier was beyond brilliant!! She gave great detail and I for one will be out there running my spas to her formula.”
Anne Noonan, Brisbane

“Thank you for making an effort to bring the Women In Business here in Perth despite all the chaos (flight cancellations). I am now even more confident in my objectives and plans for developing my team. After Carmen’s Diamond Bound training it is now without a doubt that I am on the right track to lead my team.”
Janet Tan, Perth

“It was really valuable and inspiring to meet these successful ladies and know that we are not so different after all, and that with the same determination, honesty, passion, hard work and tenacity they displayed, we can overcome all obstacles and become successful individuals living our dreams! Thanks Carmen, Fiona and Paula for an encouraging and thought provoking evening!”
Naomi van Zyl
, Gold Coast

If you missed this event, that’s all right – we have the photos of the tour now available for you to view and download.

There are also personal messages coming from Carmen Marshall, Fiona Jamieson-Folland and Paula Gosney for you and your USANA business:

And a wrap-up video which takes you to the event itself:

And wait, there’s more – we will have USANA’s Women In Business 2012! Way to go!

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