USANA Celebrates World Environment Day with ‘USANA Green’

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World Environment Day is on 5 June every year. It is a day that brings up awareness of the environment and also, a day that everybody can make contribution to the ‘big family’ that we live in.

Here at USANA, we want to set an example for our customers and Associates that effective health management begins with caring for the environment. Without taking the health of our natural world into consideration, we cannot hope to improve the health of those around us.

USANA is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and being responsible citizens of this planet. We're not only creating the highest quality, science-based health products on the market, but we're doing so with minimal environmental impact.

Here's what we're doing to protect, preserve and promote the integrity of our environment:

At every stage of our process – from raw processing to manufacture to distribution and marketing, we're striving to create a more efficient, environmentally aware business. At USANA, we don't just increase the health of individuals – we're contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.

What have you contributed to yesterday’s World Environment Day?

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