Get Connected with USANA!

Are you looking for an event that includes almost everything – warm family welcome, fantastic recognition, social networking, moving but inspiring stories, all the answers about USANA and your USANA business?

Sounds impossible?

If your answer is yes, we are glad to tell you, USANA does have such an event which covers everything you want! And this event is USANA’s Connect4Success Night.

The inaugural Sydney’s Connect for Success event was on last night in the Wentz Theatre of USANA Head Office, and amazingly, we had a house full of Associates and guests. Brenda Rogers, USANA’s newly appointed Training and Development Manager, went through a list of people who recently rank advanced. We then had the very first exciting presentation delivered by our new Vice President of Pacific Region, David Mulham.

Brenda going through the list of people who rank advanced

David giving his presentation

What really stole the show for the night was Christina Tseng’s speech. She shared with us her USANA experiences and how they have shaped her. It was the most engaging moment that left everybody with practical wisdom for succeeding in life and in business with USANA. No wonder Brenda describes her as one of the most impressive speakers, Brenda’s seen in USANA!

Christina interacting with the audience

If you missed last night’s event, that’s totally ok. We will have the same event held every month for you. And we also have all those lovely photos here for you:

Lisa Dent announcing the enhancements to Tuesday night's Health & Freedom meeting

Lucille Rogers talking about our next event (5 July) where Keith Abraham will present

Kate and Bernadette accepting applause for going Directors

David, Paul Aladjadjian and Paul Seitz

For more photos of the event, visit our Facebook.

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