Follow Your Heart with Fiona-Jamieson Folland

Introducing Fiona-Jamieson Folland, a key speaker at USANA’s Women In Business 2011

From our previous blog, 16 USANA Associates in 16 Weeks, we can easily tell that Fiona-Jamieson Folland, one of our successful USANA leaders, is an amazing woman who will never fall over in front of challenges. From a classical guitarist, a sailor, to a private pilot and a certified aerobics instructor, Fiona has always been inspired to follow her heart.

Fiona’s passion for health blossomed during her studies to become a Doctor of Osteopathy, and her commitment to helping others solidified at the age of 21, on her father’s death from a heart attack.

When a serious accident left her temporarily wheelchair bound, she realized that to secure her financial future, she must develop residual income streams. A year later she discovered USANA. She was impressed with Dr. Wentz’s background, and realized she shared his vision to help people make positive health change. She made up her mind to help others benefit from the quality USANA nutritionals and develop a second income at the same time.

So where is she at now? She loves being her own boss - she loves choosing where and when she works as well as who she works with, especially how much income she decides to create!

And in terms of balanced-life, inspirations, success and challenges, Fiona has her own say:

Q: How do you keep your life balanced?

A: By doing my best to commit myself in the areas of my life that are my priorities, rather than all work, for example. My health and general well being need to be at the top of my list every day. Exercise and great nutrition are vital for me, plus regular therapeutic treatments, and living in a health environment. Learning to say no is also important!!

Q: What changes have you experienced in your life with as a woman in business?

A: Lots of them:

Q: What or who inspires and motivates you to keep moving forward?
A: Creating and living my ideal lifestyle with Chris (my husband), family and friends, including having the resources to give back. The biggest driver for me is to help others to reach their personal goals.

Q: What do you believe are the qualities for success in business?

A: Success in business – vision and clear goals, passion, drive, courage, self-honesty; Willingness to follow a business plan to get there, working with a no-nonsense coach who has what you want and can show you the way to get there; Surrounding youself with a team of like-minds (including those who disagree!); Humility to step outside ones comfort zone, repeatedly.

Q: What advice would you give to other aspiring women throughout the world?

A: Open up your mind to what you really want, and have the courage to pursue it. Persist to find the vehicle that can truly help achieve your goals. Follow your passion and enjoy the process.

Q: What has been the greatest challenge?

A: Getting over myself, my ego and sense that things revolve around me and my needs, instead focusing on others. Within USANA business, the greatest challenge is duplicating success via effective training and inspiring leadership within our USANA team.