USANA Health Centre: Alan’s Tips on a Healthy Living Environment

Do you try to stay healthy and pay a lot of attention to what you eat and what you do, but still don’t feel ‘right’? By saying that, I mean you don’t feel 100% healthy? I do, and I never figured out why. One of our USANA Associates, Alan Todhunter, pointed this out to me recently – have you checked the place where you live and work? Because lots of things can ‘go wrong’ in those places and this can have an impact on your health!

Thank you Alan! And I think it’s worthwhile to bring this up – health issues are not just caused by food and behaviour, they could be caused by something else, the environment, for instance.

Let’s welcome Alan to go through the list with us:

“In our homes our bodies are under attack from chemicals on surfaces and in the air from VOC's (volatile organic compounds), airborne particulates, air quality, electromagnetic and microwave radiation.

Many health conditions and degenerative diseases could be directly linked to where we live and work. Conditions such as fatigue, depression, stress, sleeping disorders, asthma, allergies, immune disorders, heart conditions, memory loss plus many other modern health conditions are associated with our environment. To reduce the impact of our home environment has on our health we need to be aware of what is around us:

About Alan Todhunter, Scientist, B.Sc.(Hon), M.Sc.

Alan is passionate about the wellness industry and healthy environments and is also a martial artist. He currently lectures in Materials Science, Building Science and Environmental Building at three Universities in New South Wales.

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