USANA Biz: Running a Successful Business Event

A large part of running your own home based business is giving one-on-one presentations about your products to potential customers. Many USANA Associates approach these as professional business events, while others keep up an informal, social atmosphere.

Talking one-on-one with your customers about your products allows you to establish a level of personal service not necessarily available from a retail store. When your customers feel relaxed and comfortable, they're more receptive to what you have to share with them.

For most USANA Associates, running their first business event or giving their first presentation is a daunting task. Here are some tips to ensure your USANA event is a success:
  1. Be presentable: Even if you’re hosting a casual event or meeting a long-term friend, wear smart clothing
  2. Make eye contact: Looking at a person when you talk to them makes you seem instantly friendlier and more approachable. If you look at the floor, at a spot behind their head, or at your notes, they’ll may feel you are not connecting with them
  3. Perfect what you want to say: if you're shy or easily forget what you planned to say, practice at home in the mirror or in front of your partner. If you're not struggling to remember details of your presentation, you'll come across as confident and friendly.
  4. Be honest: it should go without saying, but always be honest about who you are and what you’re offering. No one wants to be invited out for coffee only to be surprised by a perceived sales pitch!
  5. Learn names: When you meet a person, make the effort to use their name in conversation. People like to buy from someone who knows them. One way to remember names is to repeat them when introducing yourself.
  6. Know and love the products: people know when someone is genuine and passionate. If you use USANA products yourself, and want to help others experience the same benefits, your enthusiasm will be infectious.
  7. Smile! Don’t forget, this is meant to be fun and all about building relationships!
Running a successful business event isn’t rocket science – and you’ll get more confident with each presentation you do.

Pictures from one of the USANA ANZ warm family meetings

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