Find Your Own USANA Success Formula

There’s no certain formula to a successful business because the formula varies from person to person. For Paula Gosney, one of USANA’s Leaders, the formula of her success in the USANA business is:

“The secret of success = An entrepreneurial mindset + making right decisions at the right time + being confident and positive at all times”

A farmer’s daughter, Paula was taught to work from a young age – she just got on with it. She got handed a really big cheque after she worked from 6am in the morning till 6pm at night at ten years of age for six days in a row, and she learned the value of effort and being rewarded for pushing herself beyond her perceived limits.

Paula left school at 17 and worked in various positions within financial sector, she then started her first business – a courier company in Wellington at the age of 20, an age that many of us are playing computer games, or chatting with friends on Facebook. After that, she moved to Sydney where she ran a marketing business before returning home to marry and start her first job as an employee, an account director for an advertising agency in Auckland. When her children were 18 months and three years old, she began to look at having her own business again, seeking something flexible, and she chose USANA.

Paula has an entrepreneurial mindset and personality, which enables her to do well in her own business. “I am not very good at working for someone else, as I have never had a manager whose job I couldn’t do better! I like to make the decisions, move fast and get things done. My team and the belief that one of those top 30 spots can be mine motivate me to keep moving forward with my USANA business!”

As a woman in business, Paula understands that her income is totally dependent on her – knowing that whatever amount of money she wants, she can make, gives her an incredible feeling of independence and self sufficiency. She always knows that she has choices.

Paula’s success doesn’t necessarily apply to everybody, but we can learn from her and form our own success formulas. The good news is she will be one of the speakers at USANA’s Women In Business 2011, and as we mentioned in our previous blog, Paula will share her tips on how to achieve business goals.

Her advice to other aspiring women throughout the world is:

“The rewards of self employment are vast – money is part of it, but independence, confidence and freedom are all part of it too. Going into business and expecting to work like an employee means you are still going to have a job. That amount of effort and vision will not create success in your business, whatever business it is. If you want the rewards of self employment you have to be prepared to work for five years like you never have as an employee, you will need to stretch, stumble, pick yourself up, hold on to your vision and not look sideways or backwards. You will know when you have got there because you will be a different person, and everything you have had to learn along the way will have positively impacted every aspect of your life.”