USANA Biz Centre: 5 Tips for Building Your Business Network

Many people wonder if it's possible to earn a viable living through running your own network marketing business. Not only is it possible, thousands of USANA Associates all over the world enjoy a better lifestyle thanks to their business. How do they do it?

The key to network marketing is reaching a wide network of interested customers. How do you find those people? Our expert USANA Associates share some tips:

Tip 1: Team up with other home-business owners selling products that cater to a similar niche market – for example, skincare products or fitness machines. By organizing joint events, you all broaden your networks.

Tip 2: Even though it's not as lucrative as other forms of marketing, many USANA Associates run successful online direct selling websites and blogs. Some use them as a base for their network to find out about new products, special deals and promotions, and to spread the word on social networking sites.

Tip 3: You can also generate revenue online by teaching direct selling techniques to recent recruits, usually through seminars or your website. Teaching network marketing techniques can be a lucrative side income for your business.

Tip 4: Invite your top twenty customers to a special event and giving them a 10% discount for every friend they bring, up to 30% (three friends). Between the products, your awesome sales pitch, and your customers raving about the products, those friends will soon become regular customers.

Tip 5: Leverage Holidays. Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers and Fathers Day and specific local celebrations are excellent opportunities to host a seasonal event. Gather your favourite customers for a little holiday celebration. Good food, good drink, good company and the need to finish the present shopping put customers in the mood to buy.

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Be friendly and sociable. The key to increasing your network is introducing yourself to people, showing your products, listening to their stories and making them feel welcome. Network marketing isn't a place for wallflowers and shrinking violets. You have to be bold, brave and willing to take a risk.

Follow these tips and you too could be one of USANA top Associates. If you haven’t yet signed up for our business opportunity, you could be running your own successful home business.

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