USANA Associates lend a helping hand

CanTeen is an organisation supporting young people living with cancer. USANA Associates John & Suzanne Barley were delighted to have the opportunity of acting as one of the sponsors for a CanTeen event held in conjunction with the Manukau 4WD Club. John and Suzanne describe their experiences here..

We had a great day out at Takanini. The 4WD Association took out 18 CanTeen patients for some off-road driving along some really fun tracks. USANA sponsored refreshments and giveaways to the participants in the way of Nutrition Bars, Rev3 and Nutrimeal, along with water bottles and caps. We thank USANA for their contribution towards the fun-filled day.

Pictured above John putting the USANA goodies into the gift packs for the CanTeen participants

The CanTeen attendees had an opportunity to drive the vehicles and travelled from Papakura, to Waiuku to the beautiful Kariotahi Beach where they stopped for lunch before making the return trip. One vehicle became stuck and everyone had fun trying to extract it. Congratulations to Amelia who was the winner of the USANA cap!

CanTeen has a clear focus on the needs of young people living with cancer. The foundation was built upon the fundamental belief that young people - through meeting, talking and sharing their experiences - would be better able to cope with the uncertainties of living with cancer.

To donate to this wonderful organization please visit their website

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