The Health & Freedom Melbourne Events are Over BUT Still Boiling

We received amazing feedback from the Health & Freedom Sydney events and now the phone calls and congratulations for the Melbourne events are rolling in!

Here is one:

“Both the Health Event and the Business Event at Melbourne’s Health & Freedom Week were a success. My guests and I were very pleased! There was a complete and balanced speaker spectrum across the industry. Dr. Giselle Cooke’s and Dr. Tim Wood’s speeches at the Health event were informative and insightful. Aliz Loy sent out a clear and punchy message on how to develop your USANA business by answering three questions – Are you ready to make a change to your life and career? How do you know if you are making the right decision? How do you know if the time is right? These questions were straight to the point and inspired me!”
David Tee, Ruby Director, Melbourne

Over 1,000 people’s expectations were exceeded and everyone went home with heightened awareness on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Associates walked away with a renewed passion on building their USANA businesses.

We were privileged to hear from some incredible speakers….

Steve Hooker – Steve pole vaulted onto stage and shared how he attributes a large amount of his success to USANA. Isn’t this EXCITING?

Dr Wesley Ang – Dr Ang shared some powerful information and the audience always loves a local hero.

Anh Do
– Anh stole the show once again..what more can we say!

Dr Tim Wood and Dr Giselle Cooke – Tim represented USANA corporate on a global scale with his usual aplomb; while Giselle discussed the shift toward healthful living in our community.

Thank you again to the testimonial speakers and all our USANA family of volunteers who helped us with registration, translation and the general organisation.

We achieve so much more with your contribution!

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