Ever Feel That You Are Too Old…Well Think Again!

Preferred Customer Elsie Wong who turns 80 this year has other ideas. She has been taking USANA since 1999. She originally joined as an associate but is now a loyal Preferred Customer.

Elsie is always on the go. She has now decided that she has to give up her dance entertainment that she did a couple of times a week at the retirement home she visits because she has not got enough time in her day!! She has recently purchased a 21 speed bicycle in lavender & silver as she wants to ride the Otago Rail Trail which goes from Dunedin to Clyde….only a mere 150km!!

Apart from that she sings with an Archepelago group, is learning the ukulele. A few years back she decided that she wanted to learn tap dancing and also theatre craft. She took all her exams and has the medals to prove it.

On top of all that, 3 times a week she does Tai Chi & walking and also works part time as an in-store cooking demonstrator.

Finally watch out Auckland, a Skyjump is also on her list to tick off!!

Dr Wentz’s statement of Love Life, and live it to the fullest has certainly been embraced by Elsie.