Celebrating the Awesome USANA Health & Freedom Sydney Events…

Wow! What a kick start to 2011! We are still being embraced by the massive positive feedback from the Health & Freedom Week Sydney Health event, and the Sydney Business event - It is being touted as one of our best events yet!

With more than 1400 people attending from all across Australia for both events, the Hills Centre was brilliantly lighted up with passion, inspiration and enthusiasm!

At the Health event
Dr. Giselle Cooke and Brenda Rogers gave wonderful and inspiring presentations- the Health Panel that also included Sydney Kings Captain Ben Knight and Personal Trainer Chris Tuck was awesome and the testimonial groups who shared their touching stories with us made the event perfect.

Dr. Giselle Cooke

The Health Panel

And at the Business event
Dr Tim Wood shared all the health industry facts with his usual debonair style, DSAA spokesperson Sandy McDonald shared her amazing story on how she has made a lifelong success in direct selling. Comedian, Anh Do had the audience laughing and crying with his hilarious and inspirational story, and finally Diamond Director Aliz Loy shared her story and showed us all how to boom in a USANA business.

Dr Tim Wood

Anh Do

Listen to what our USANA Associates say about Health and Freedom Week

“ I was really impressed with the quality of the content and level of thinking that the speakers shared with us and I am delighted to say that one of my guests signed up for 3BC business off the back of Saturday's presentation.”
Kate Gratwicke.-Sydney

“Thank you for organising such a great few days for us down in Sydney! We have come home with high energy and excitement and feel there was so much we learnt that was practical to our own individual businesses and where we are at. And of course Ahn Do stole the show!!! I could not sleep last night as so much was going on in my head with ideas! And Ideas! And Ideas!”
Karen & Mark St Amand-Cairns

“Thanks for an awesome event! I've had some really good, positive feedback from my guests and they are seriously assessing USANA as a business model for themselves.”
Jan Osmond-Sydney

“It's the most excellent event that I have ever been too, feels so good to be around so many positive people……. Anh Do was great and kept us laughing and learning all the way... love it”
Luyen Pham-Melbourne

A big THANK YOU to all the speakers, attendees, USANA volunteers! … And to our organisers as well, as there was so much hard work behind the scenes.

For more photos of the events, please visit our USANA Australia & New Zealand Facebook page, or follow this link:

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