USANA Australia Congratulates Our New 1 STAR Diamond Directors!

A successful USANA business means A LOT OF hard work...... and celebrations to reflect that. On Tuesday January 25 the USANA family celebrated the success of Chun-Ming Chang & Aileen Zhou. After years of cultivating their USANA business Chun-Ming & Aileen rank advanced to 1 STAR Diamond Director.

USANA staff members were quietly waiting in the lobby, preparing to surprise the man of the moment, when Chun-Ming walked in. He was welcomed with loud applause and big smiles. Flowers, hugs and firm handshakes followed. And then another surprise! USANA President, Fred Cooper, of Salt Lake City in US appeared and proudly placed the shiny new 1 STAR Diamond pin on his lapel.

USANA Staff and visiting Diamonds applaud as Chun Ming enters the lobby

Close up of the shiny new 1 STAR Diamond pin

Unfortunately Aileen Zhou, his wife, was not able to attend but Chun-Ming will take the pin, photos, flowers and memories home to share with his wife.

Chun-Ming with Fred Cooper, ANZ management and Diamond Associates

In the Diamond afternoon tea that followed, Chun-Ming shared his happiness and appreciation with staff members, and had relaxing conversations with the 3 STAR Diamond Leaders, Amy Shen and Bin Yang.

If you want to see more photos of a great afternoon with Chun Ming, Amy, Bin and Fred, go to our Facebook page.

We hope they continue to make advancements as their USANA journey progresses.