Are you confident with your smile?

Picture this, you are at a party with friends and everyone lines up to get their photos taken, what are you thinking at that moment? ‘My teeth are awful, I can’t smile’ or you smile widely revealing your pearly whites with a rock-star smile! If you are someone who fits into the former category – we have got you covered with our fabulous tips – read on to find out how you can flash your pearly whites confidently!

First and foremost, keeping your teeth healthy is of utmost importance, because not only will it help you chew properly, speak clearly, but also help you look your best.

There are simple steps you can take to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

• Avoid sugary foods – Foods high in refined sugar and starches can be harmful to your teeth and gums

• Brush and floss often – This will help remove plaque for a cleaner and healthier smile

• Get regular dental check-ups – Professional cleaning of your teeth will remove any plaque build-up that is left after brushing and flossing.

The USANA lifestyle covers all aspects of your health, including your teeth and gums. USANA Sensé Natural Whitening Toothpaste is the latest addition to our fantastic Sensé range of products. The new toothpaste contains several key ingredients that remove plaque, clean teeth and also fight bacteria to control bad breath. It has no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, or fluoride to help maintain teeth health. Next time someone compliments you on your smile – just tell them “It’s beautiful science!”

For more information about the new USANA toothpaste, please visit the Sensé Natural Whitening Toothpaste page.